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“There’s no such thing as addiction, there’s only things that you enjoy doing more than life.”

Dan Stanhope

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Orgasmic Meditation or Sex Scam?

Orgasmic meditation or OM as it is known by its participating members, is a combination of consciousness, touching and pleasure in a sensual manner for those who practice this relaxing technique. This is also paired with clitoris stimulation using a specific stroking motion. The first orgasmic meditation company, One Taste was in New York where … Continue reading Orgasmic Meditation or Sex Scam?

The Fountain Within: Female Ejaculation

An explosion of orgasmic wetness can be such a sexual delight for you and your lover however, if you’re not familiar with female ejaculation, also called squirting, it may make you think you’re urinating on your lover and become embarrassed instead of “soaking” in the special moment.

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