Stand in Your Sexual Truth!

Chocolate Cocaine is about standing in your sexual truth. It is about being honest with your wants, needs and desires on a sexual and intimate level. It is about becoming comfortable in your sexual skin.

There are many people who keep their desires on the down low. They are afraid of what their lovers will think of them or that what they crave is strange or unacceptable in the bedroom. What you want in your sex life is okay. There is nothing to be ashamed of and do not let anyone make you feel like you’re a freak for liking what you like. This of course, is for adults who are mature minded, not out to bring intentional pain to their lover and knows the difference between right and wrong.

Sex is a complicated subject with many twists and turns. It can bring pleasure and pain. I tell everyone to be honest with what they like and what their expectations are with the person they want to share their sexual space with. People are playing so many games out here that lines are blurred and lies are becoming the norm. When that occurs, it is not fair to the other person but most importantly it is not fair to you. Be up front so you are not wasting your time or the time of someone else.

Do you like having sex four plus times a week? Stand in your sexual truth. Do you like participating in bondage? Stand in your sexual truth. Do you like having your ass penetrated? Stand in your sexual truth. Let your potential or current lover know what you crave so they can either fulfill that need or move on and let you find someone who can help you fulfill it. One of the key benefits about being an adult is a healthy and positive sex life. We are not young, immature and inexperienced. We know an unhealthy relationship on any level is detrimental to our well-being.

Chocolate Cocaine is also about raw sexual freedom! Personally, I love being able to share myself sexually without restraints, judgment or shame. I love being with a mate that is open, sexually confident and they are able to learn as well as teach. It is about growth even with sex.

There are too many things we can lie about, let’s not lie about what we want done to us or to do to our lover in our intimate environment. Our sexual space should be a safe zone, a judgment-free space where we are free to live out our fantasies and connect with the person we love. The outside world can be difficult and cold. That same element should not be in your bedroom.

How do you get to the point of standing in your sexual truth? I am glad you asked. It is about good, clear and honest communication. You have to present the truth of what you need to your mate and still be prepared if they are not on the same sexual page as you. When two mature adults are having this conversation in the beginning stages of their sexual relationship there is no shock for what is wanted or expected.

This is 2020, we are in a new year. Stand strong in what your body and sexual cravings are. What makes you keep your true sexual desires hidden? If you act on them, do you think your sex life will be more satisfying? Why are you denying yourself true sexual pleasure? I would love to hear your responses.

Special Announcement: Thirty-four is the number of times per day a woman fantasizes about sex during the workday. (I think my number is higher)

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Bravely standing in my sexual truth!

9 thoughts on “Stand in Your Sexual Truth!”

  1. I can not agree more. I have been known to ask: “Do you have a safe word, if not, does the idea excite you?” when I am feeling chemistry on a first date. Yes, it can make for an awkward end of a date, but better than investing weeks or months in someone who simply isn’t sexually compatible. (Learned the hard way, like damn near everything else I know.) For me, sexuality ranges form sensual lovemaking to my partner being bound, gagged, spanked and roughly fucked. That’s just how it is. I won’t apologize, nor will I waste anyone’s time.

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    1. I love your openess and honesty. It allows someone from the beginning to know exactly where you stand and what your sexual expectations are. Good for you for standing strong in your sexual power!

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  2. I absolutely love this,and totally agree with this. Particularly as we get older honesty with and to you lovers is essential.I have always maintained when it comes to lovemaking I have no inhibitions and am open to any and all pleasures therein.I absolutely am at the point in my life where honesty is a must and quite essential,as well it should be.Get the most out out of your lovemaking-DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD but be honest,safe and totally enjoy.

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    1. What a great way to stand in your sexual truth! Honesty is the best policy. It helps everyone to know where you are in the relationship, if you’re even in the same book and on the same page. It saves a lot of time and heartache as well. Thank you for sharing!

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