The Hateful Dates

Why is everyone making the dating scene more complicated than it needs to be? I am single and I love it! Why? I was married to a lazy asshole and while I was trying to be “the good wife,” he was being a bitch and looking out only for himself. Ouch! Of course I was unhappy and miserable. However, I am not one to stay down so I filed for divorce and here I am with my brand new reinstated “She is Single” card!

I have grown so much on various levels since my divorce. I went back to school and received both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I found a great job working at a prestigious university. I have started traveling more. I have used my single time to focus on me and I find myself happy and at peace. I have become this phenomenal woman who is very much into life and knowing self and I love it! I don’t bring stuff to the table, I bring the table!

Unfortunately, I’m noticing men have lost their luster, swag, their BIP, BAM, ALAKAZAM! There are more fuck boys than real men out here on this dating scene. What’s fucking us all up is old school is trying to do what new school is doing. We are old school! YOU, reading this are old school. You are 40 years old plus and you are out here trying to text a grown ass woman like we are back in a junior high school World History class passing a note. I am so offended! Let me break some things down to EVERYbody as to why this bullshit is unacceptable and not getting you the pussy and dick you really could be having.

I understand texting is a form of communication but it is not meant to build a full relationship off of. We (old schoolers) did not grow up that way. Back in the day, men used do pull up on a sista and spit true game. They had to think of how they were going to get your attention and keep it. Brothas came with lines. Sometimes they were tacky but a man put in work to talk to a woman. Stop making text messaging your main source of communication. Messages get misconstrued yet we all go along with this text mess. It’s not quicker, it’s lazy. You’re not that busy. A text here and there is cool but constantly becomes a nuisance.

Back in the day, if a man was lucky enough to get the digits (that’s your phone number for my new schoolers) then he would actually call, ask questions to get to know you and give you information about him. Do you know what that is called? It’s called having a conversation! What men today don’t remember or are too young to know, women LOVE the sound of your sexy ass voice!!! Damn, I can’t count the number of times a brotha has made me moist just from the sound of his low, manly voice deep in my ear.

Nowadays it seems like after getting a woman’s attention, fellas don’t know what else to do. Let me tell you what to do. Ask her out to eat, to the movies, to go to a sporting event or to do something adventurous. I’m not just putting the fellas down, I know there are some bum ass women out here and men run into the same bullshit women run into. Nonetheless men, we need you to put the pants back on and take control. Men and women both have to do better. Ask yourself how can you connect better to someone you’re interested in. What are you trying to find in getting with this person? I always say stand in your truth! Date with a purpose and get out here and have fun. If you find yourself falling in this new school pattern where you’re not getting to know the person, stop and make some changes. Conversation rules the nation and it can get you where you want to be intimately. Let’s make dating fun again!

Special Announcement: Over 50% of all singles in America have not had a date in more than two years.

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Karma Eve is who I am

2 thoughts on “The Hateful Dates”

  1. Wow……that’s right, go ahead and make me look in the mirror why don’tcha.

    I must admit, I enjoy texting. I enjoy texting because I have a busy life and it’s nice to get back to people or get with them when I have time. You’re right though, we just don’t talk anymore do we? Even when I’ve been dating someone, we usually just text each other.

    There is a certain flirtation with texting and picture messages that didn’t exist in the 80s. But one things for sure, the level of intimacy because it’s not a verbal conversation does tend to get missed.

    I will also say that things do get lost in the texting translation that could cause a serious rift between people.

    Touche’ Karma Eve, once again, of course you’re right.


    1. I do fully understand life gets busy and one may have to text a quick hello or an I love you but let’s not forget the power of the sexy voice. Thanks again for your thoughts on the matter.


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