The Perfect Life Pocket

I think I say a lot of wise things because I am not one of those people that talk just to hear myself talk. One piece of advice I give which you should know by now if you have been reading Chocolate Cocaine is to stand in your sexual truth. That is the official Chocolate Cocaine motto. Say it with me…stand in your sexual truth!

Ahh…didn’t that feel good? Something else I always say to friends and other older people is we are in a perfect “life pocket” right this minute! A life pocket is a particular period in your life where things are good and life shifts and miracles can happen. For example, being between the ages of 16-18 was a good life pocket because you were gaining some independence. That was a time when you got your driver’s license, was able to drive your parents’ car and didn’t have to worry about the car note and gas like you do now. You were able to go out with your friends and you were planning on graduating high school and maybe going away to college. Another good life pocket is year twenty one when you could legally go out and drink. I think you get where I’m going with this life pocket thing so hear me out…

We are older with more life experience and we are surer of ourselves. Yeah, yeah, I get it, you still have some form of doubt and you’re questioning how your life is going to look ten years from now but you have a way different security you have from when you were in your twenties. For those of us who have children, they are now adults. Lemme say that again, your kids are GROWN! You may still help them out here or there, hell you may even have one that had to move back home but the fact of the matter is they grown!  You don’t have babies! The final perfect life pocket piece is you still like, want and need sex! Don’t fuckin’ lie to me, yes you do! I know it’s someone who’s married right now reading this that ain’t getting it like they want but if you could get down with the get down, you’d GET DOWN! I say all this to say, I’m going to stand in my sexual truth and tell you something about myself because I am in the best “life pocket” phase of my life right now. I’m single but I want to have a strong, solid lover I can trust and give my all to because I want to give him fifty two weeks of another woman! Not a real ‘notha woman but me dressed up in different costumes and special outfits. Here are the rules…

I pledge to greet my lover once a week in a different costume or outfit with the intentions of a fun and entertaining night. He will not know in advance when this will occur and it will not be scheduled on the same day weekly. For example, it will not always be Friday night after work. It can be on any day of the week I choose. I promise to always pay attention to his work week, his mood and I will always respect his schedule and his space. The outfit can range from simple to extravagant depending on how his week has gone or a theme I have selected to play out. There may be reoccurring characters depending on what and who he likes. This will happen every week for the entire year.

It’s just basic role play and dress up to keep the relationship fun, interesting and engaging. I think that type of shit is so much fun and it adds flavor to a couple’s sex life. It also builds trust and creates better communication. We are never too old to have some real adult fun. Can you imagine all of the outfits I can wear in a year? Alright Boo, wherever you are let’s get this poppin’! This is the New Year and week one is almost over! Call me what you want but I’m boldly standing in my sexual truth and having fun.

Special Announcement: What outfit would you like to wear for your lover? Here is an article written by Esther Crain, 5 Convincing Reasons to Try Role-Playing Tonight.

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Black Wonder Woman – Karma Eve

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Life Pocket”

  1. Very interesting Karma Eve,

    Exploring one’s deepest fantasies, continuing to build the bond between your lover and you and keeping the relationship fresh all at the same time.

    I enjoy my current life pocket, for some of the reasons you listed. I’m divorced and my children are grown, though occasionally they might dip back into my pocket. I’m okay with it, because I want to be able to help when necessary. But, without a doubt, it’s a rather nice life pocket to be in… least for now anyway.


    1. We’re in a good spot. Life may not be perfect but it’s a good position to be in. It’s also a great spot sexually for us. No sneaking out or backseat fucking (unless you want to) all adult “stuff” going down…so exciting! Thanks for reading!


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