Chocolate Fantastic

I was his chocolate fantastic

His sweet tasty delight

Filled with caramel surprises

Divinely delicious with every lick, nibble, and bite

When he kissed me we morphed into a world of candy-coated loving and honey-filled fantasies

Giving him chocolate-filled dreams as we made love in the dark chocolate sky on a Moon Pie bed

Resting our heads on marsh mellow pillows

And covering ourselves with sheets made from bars of Caramello

Floating down the river of syrupy confection

This was my way of us keeping our sugary connection

This was a human desert of perfection

We floated for miles until we landed in a field of purple, blue, and pink cotton candy

Where I ran and playfully hid behind tall trees made of licorice and peppermint leaves

Softly catching me around my waist he laid me down drinking my juices because he craved my taste

We bounced from taffy to gummy bears as we made love

Leaving imprints of our bodies in a lake of nougat

Standing under a waterfall of strawberry swirl

We danced and laughed and stole peeks and kisses

While making powdered sugar wishes

He was my cherry sour delight

And I knew I was his chocolate fantastic

We loved our tantalizing interaction

As we were both left in bliss of sweet satisfaction

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Chocolate Fantastic – Karma Eve

Published by: Karma Eve

I am a writer, author and former Erotic Spoken Word Artist. I am always interested in networking and meeting other erotic artists of all kinds. Please subscribe, share with fans of erotica and feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you! Erotic blessings to you, Karma Eve


7 thoughts on “Chocolate Fantastic”

  1. Absolutely love it. So creatively sensual,sexy and very erotic. My senses and tastebuds are fully awakened and really to sample more of your creative delicacies


  2. Beautifully sensual..
    Minor differentials..
    Expressing what we love…
    ..learning what doesn’t..
    ..and what does..
    ***Well done Sis***

    Liked by 1 person

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