Dick Pic Protestor!

Let’s not start the year of 2020 off on some past bullshit that you shouldn’t have been doing in the first place in the prior years.

I am talking about sending dick pics. Yes, it is only nine days into the New Year and a male asshole has already sent me a picture of his penis. That pisses me off badly!

1.       I did not ask for it nor did our conversation on Facebook suggest that I wanted to see his dick.

2.      He’s a forty-four-year-old man who claims to be an author so he should have some common sense because he’s too old for that type of behavior.

3.      THIS is what women are speaking of when they refer to the #MeToo Movement.

Let me say this clearly, I do NOT want to see a photo or video of your penis, dick, tally whacker, Willy Wonka, knick-knack-paddy-whack, rod, pussy-tickler, joystick, wee-wee, thang-thang, wang doodle, cock, knob, love muscle, one-eyed monster, Moby Dick, King Dong, or whatever you want to call your manhood!  

No matter what a man may think they all look the same. Some may be larger, some smaller, curve to the left, curve to the right or straight as an arrow. Some are as dark as midnight, others as bright as the sun but either way it’s not attractive when a man suddenly, without warning or permission sends you a photo of his erect penis. Seeing an unwanted dick picture does not make me hot, horny, wet or anything else that comes with getting aroused. Seeing an unwanted dick picture makes me want to track down the women in your family on social media and send THEM your picture and say, “Look at what Mikey has been up to today!” (Pun intended) Receiving an unwanted dick pic makes me want to post it on all of my social media sites with your name, age and a screenshot of our conversation to prove I did not provoke a man to sexually lose control, get hard, grab his phone and begin snapping pictures of his nasty dick.

For the person that sent this morning’s unwanted photo, we are not friends in real life and our interaction on social media is low to none. How rude, stupid and downright nasty of a full-grown adult man to send that type of photo to a woman who did not ask for it and who he does not know.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has occurred.  I once had a man go so far as to send me a video of himself performing oral sex on a woman. He said, he thought it was something I wanted to see. He thought I would be interested in seeing him “perform.” Our conversation prior to me receiving that video was not about what he sent to me. He had seen me perform at a venue and told me I inspired him since he too was a poet and writer. He then asked if I would like to watch one of his videos. Little did I know he was talking about a video of him eating out some woman. He quickly apologized when he realized that’s not what I had in mind.

I feel like the old ladies on the Geico commercial…that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

My advice for guys, clearly find out if she wants to see a photo or video of your junk. Everyone is not interested in seeing your dick. If she wants to see you, then make the dick smile and send it to her. As far as me and what I prefer, keep your dick pics to yourself. I’ll respect you and like you more if you do.

What are some of your experiences you have had receiving dick, pussy or tit shots? Were these photos wanted? Were you taken by surprise? What did you say to the person? Drop your info in the comments or email at KarmaEve@gmail.com.

Special Announcement: I am NOT interested in a picture or video of your dick!

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

That’s not how any of this works!
Keep this to yourself unless otherwise asked.

5 thoughts on “Dick Pic Protestor!”

  1. Well damn!!!

    If I could possibly apologize on behalf of all men I would absolutely do so right now. I’m sorry that you had to see that……I sure as hell didn’t want to see it either.

    I stand in my sexual truth………..I’ve never done anything remotely that stupid in my entire life. No one has ever received an unsolicited picture of what I was blessed with. I just don’t have words for this type of stupidity.

    Once again I’m sorry we both had to see that.


    1. LOL! You know I love me some YOU! Thank you and unfortunately, many men do this to women all of the time. I know there are some women who don’t mind it and may enjoy it, but a man needs to find out who wants or likes it before just sending out his goodies like that.


  2. Don’t believe for one second that women don’t do this too.

    Unfortunately it’s usually the ones that you’d rather not see what they’re gifting you with…………………


  3. I have never sent unsolicited pics ever,and apologize to any woman who has gone through the shock of receiving them. Unfortunately I have received numerous unsolicited pics and vids of every part of the female anatomy, as well as pics of men,yes men who in completely non sexual conversations would decide hey,maybe he would love to see my beefsteak. Uh no, first of all being an artist that has painted several nudes,their is no body part I haven’t seen or really been impressed by, and if I’m getting paid to see it then I will,otherwise keep it to yourself.


    1. That’s amazing how someone can think if they unexpectedly send you never nudes or other parts of their body, YOU should be okay with it. As artists, we still have boundaries and restrictions on what we take in and who we receive energy from. No one should force images on anyone, man or woman. Thank you for sharing and being a part of the conversation!

      Liked by 1 person

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