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I am Karma Eve, Erotic Spoken Word Artist and author of Erotic Bloom. I am asking you to subscribe and share my NEW blog of 2020, Chocolate Cocaine!

As a black American woman, I want to change the stereotype of us being called a freak for being comfortable in our sexual space. I want all women, especially women of color to be relaxed, open and to be respected for what they like and desire on a sexual level. 

Many couples have confided in me that their love life has hit rock bottom, I want to help you add spice to your relationship and get you back into sexual sync. 

Men, I want to hear your voice on your sexual concerns and be able to let you know you have been heard and you will not be shamed for your sexual awareness and likes. 

For all readers, my goal is to entertain, enlighten and educate. I want you to embrace and stand in your sexual truth! I also want to hear from you! You can “like,” share and leave comments on Chocolate Cocaine. If you want to reach out to me personally to ask a question, make a suggestion or you just need a “secret keeper,” you can email me at

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Erotic Blessings, 

Karma Eve

Karma Eve

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