Reverse Harem in 2020!

This is 2020 and the ladies would like to place a question on the table for the men. Can a woman be whorish without being a whore? In other words, can we have more than one lover without negative kickback?

We all know there are double standards when it comes to men versus women in sex. For example, a man can have multiple bed partners and he is “the man.” However, a woman can have multiple bed partners and she’s a freak, a whore and other unmentionable names. Where is our sexual freedom? As always, let me break it down.

Every person has a different sexual quality and vibe about themselves. Sometimes a woman just wants a taste of a different brotha’s sexual essence. I once saw a guy who was well-endowed without it being too much and painful, yet he still knew how to make the bed rock. There was another guy I once saw that gave THE BEST oral sex ever! I don’t know how he did it, but every single time that brotha gifted me with oral sex, I squirted. Ladies give this man a standing ovation and an award! He truly deserves it. Then there was a brotha that made our moments together seem spiritual. The beyond the clouds, Venus and the Milky Way type sex. I think one time we even had to wear spacesuits the sex was so out of this world. There was the brotha that wanted to make sure I got mine before he got his. Another brotha who was so sensual I would damn near cum before he even entered me. There is nothing for me to be ashamed of, I have had an amazing sex life. I thank every lover who has contributed to my sexcapades. My past lovers have been great. We have had some exhilarating sex play. Hell, how many of you can eat a woman out until she fucking squirts like a fountain? I didn’t think so.

But what if I am unable to find all that which I described above, in one man? Or what if any other woman is unable to find all her little heart and pussy desires in one lover? If a woman can’t find all of what she desires and needs in one man, is she free without judgment to have a reverse harem. (A reverse harem is one woman with three or more male love interests. This word was created in the 1970s in romance novels but is commonly used today in Japanese anime.)

I get it. Most men cannot handle knowing a woman he is engaging with sexually is sexing another brotha. A man once told me, “I don’t want to know some other man is jumping up and down on my woman.” When he said it, I first pictured a trampoline, but I understood what he was saying. However, we’re all adults and women should not stifle their sexual needs because of an insecure man. Why should we give up our pleasures to protect your ego? When do we get to expand our sexual horizons and spread our sexual wings and fly into sexual bliss?

I am not talking about being in a one-on-one relationship, (I’ll speak on the polygamous lifestyle in another post in the future.) I’m talking strictly of freely being able to sex more than one man and not looked down upon like we’re the town tramp. Of course, in all of this, there is communication, honesty, and safety. Spreading sexually transmitted diseases is played out, playa. I am regularly tested for everything. Recently, my doctor tested me for everything, including a pregnancy test. (My tubes have been tied since 2007) I love being clean. So, can a woman do a reverse cowboy with her reverse harem? This is 2020, a new year, a new decade and a new frame of mind when it comes to sexual freedom for women, right? I would love to hear from male readers. Hit me up, fellas! We’re listening.

Click on the link to read an article from 2017 in the HuffPost, “Shedding light on the Myths About Women Who have a Lot of Sex.”

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Let’s reverse the stigma!

5 thoughts on “Reverse Harem in 2020!”

  1. I say “do you”.

    All women don’t want to be in a monogamous relationship, just like all men don’t. Hopefully most of us have moved well beyond the whole label thing. As long as he or she are being honest with their lovers…….I don’t see the problem. You’ve gotta get in where you fit in. I’ve known of a couple of couples over the years that have had open relationships. If they like it and it works for them, then I love it.

    It’s the 21st century……if a woman wants to have a lifestyle like the one you describe above, I fail to see the problem.

    Life is entirely too short. If that’s how he or she wants to roll……then do you.

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    1. What an open and mature answer. Thanks for being honest with your feelings. It is very important to communicate clearly what one wants. Maybe I’ll start looking at a few gentlemen to get my own reverse harem going!


  2. We are in a completely new era and millinium in life and our loveife and sexuality should be reflective of that as well. I have never done labels as at all and in terms of myself sexually I have always deemed myself as “Sexually Uninhibited.” If that is the case for men like myself,indeed,why cant it be so for women with strong desires and sexual needs. Society has always deemed women with strong sexual appetites equal to or surpassing males,as the worst tramps walking. I actually had this conversation with an ex of mine,and her response was very much like you stated,she didn’t want to be viewed as a whore. My response to her was ” your needs and desires are yours,and you should answer to yourself and your own pleasure.” If your needs can be met through different lovers so be it. Have ” She’s Gotta Have It ” sex and enjoy the pleasures you gain. Again answer only to yourself, it’s a new era and new pleasures available to yourself so go for it and enjoy. The pleasure is yours.

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    1. “Have She’s Gotta Have it Sex!” What a motto to live by! It has always been different for women and it sends confusing messages. Be experienced and capable of holding down your sexual partner BUT don’t be too experienced and only be a “freak” with one person. Nawww…we can’t keep living like that. Thanks for commenting. It’s important to hear from the man’s perspective.

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  3. First and foremost if you plan on having a Harem or Reverse Harem please be safe. So to give you my perspective I believe in sexually equality if a Man can do it a Woman can. Everyone likes ice cream, but to eat it day in and day out the same ice cream gets boring. You can throw topping on it to give it a different taste but it is still the same under. You been eating vanilla for a long time but then that chocolate starts calling you and you have a taste then you your hooked. Then you get to thinking how many flavors I can have this week? Can I Mix and Match? Can I get a double scoop? How about a double scoop of chocolate with a scoop of chocolate chip? Can I Taste all 31 flavors… at the same time?

    Look whatever floats your boat but make sure you comeback to dock and refuel so you keep looking whatever path you are looking for that makes you happy and whole and alive. Be at peace and pleasured to hearts content.


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