Who is The Cursed Woman?

Holy moly donut shop! I’m sure most would agree the woman in this painting does NOT look cursed but rather lucky!

I first saw this exhilarating piece of art last year and I want to introduce you to the talented artist of this erotic painting titled, The Cursed Woman.

French artist, Nicolas Francois Octave Tassaert was a social justice artist. He was the grandson of a sculptor and he received his first artistic training from his father and older brother. He later studied at an art school from 1817-1825 where he gained popularity, but he didn’t earn critical success. He made money and represented the life of a dysfunctional, poor and sick society in most of his paintings.

He also deeply explored a more erotic side with his art. His work depicted lust, temptation and pure sexual pleasure. During his career, he stopped entering his artwork into exhibitions and then completely stopped painting all together. He tried to become a poet and sold all his remaining artwork to a dealer. His demise was becoming an alcoholic where his eyesight became damaged and in 1874, he committed suicide in his home in Paris by inhaling coal gas. Some say it was because he didn’t have the success he was hoping for and his work was constantly being rejected by society.

The Cursed Woman (La Femme Damnee which is The Damed Woman), birthed in 1859 is the painting in an exhibition that brought his career to a halt. This is a painting of a woman receiving oral sex and sultry kisses from three celestial angels. Some say it’s the heavenly side to an orgasm. Unfortunately, there isn’t more information on how or why Nicolas created this painting and what was his thought behind it.

Nicolas did other erotic paintings such as The Cautious Lover. This is a painting of a woman straddled over her lover, preparing to put a condom on his erect penis. If you look closely at the painting, the woman is blowing up the condom before placing it on the man’s penis because during those times condoms were cleaned and reused. She was checking to see if the condom was still good and was not damaged or broken. The word cautious was used in the title of the art work to show the couple was into safe sex to prevent getting a sexually transmitted disease and from getting the woman pregnant.

It is said, justice was served too late for this artist. He and his work were shunned during his time but now his work can be found in popular art galleries and being studied by many.

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

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