Becoming Sexually You

Both men and women have told me that they can tell I am comfortable in my sexual skin. Yes. I. Am. Most times people want to know how they can become sexually comfortable too. Today, you find out.

These are the things you have to do to become comfortable with who you are, to grow your sexual core and be comfortable in your sexual space.

  • Love your body! Your body is an amazing wonderful work of art and you need to appreciate it. Popular lady’s magazines in the 80s and 90s use to tell their readers to take time to stand in front of a mirror and look at their bodies. Exam it and get to know it from the inside out. Appreciate the curves, the dips and all the markings. Even I had to get comfortable with my stretch marks. I had a guy tell me they are the marks that help hold all my juiciness together.  If there is something you don’t like, commit to making it better. Only you can make the changes you think need to be made.
  • Be open minded: When it comes to sex and being sexy, you must think out of the box. You can be presented with anything new and unusual in your sexual atmosphere. Being open minded leads to new adventures which can mean more satisfaction on a different level for you.
  • Evolve: Get out of your own way! Step out of the cave and come into modern day times. There are so many people who refuse to grow sexually. Be in the know about the things that are hot topics in the world of sex. Read, watch videos and television shows, and talk to other people married or single to understand what’s important sexually. Get in the know and then see how you can grow.
  • Express yourself: You can do small things like wear your favorite scent that makes you feel sexy. Or, wear sexy undies that puts a little jiggle in your wiggle. Gradually move to something more daring like shopping for and wearing sensual lingerie to bed every night no matter if you have a lover next to you or not. It can be ways only known to you but I guarantee you, everyone will notice something different about you.
  • Give yourself quality time: You give time to your job, your family, your mate and your friends, but what about time for you? Take time out to get a facial, waxed, pedicure, manicure, a massage or something that reminds you that you are a special and deserving person. You cannot pour out to others without pouring back into yourself.
  • Keep away from negative people: Be it your mate, family or friends, people that mean you no good come in all packages. They will be the first to tell you what you can’t do, what you shouldn’t do or ask you who do you think you are when you try to be a better version of yourself. When it comes to your sexual habits, they will be the first to call you a freak or say you’re nasty. Don’t let others keep you from being great especially in your sexual atmosphere.
  • Explore: If you can be open minded, you will definitely be put on an exploratory path. Explore what you like and what your body craves. Sex is also mental. Create an environment in your home or in your bedroom that speaks to your mental and emotional desires. When it comes to the physical, you and your lover need to explore new places to have sex, new positions to try and anything else that will bring you sexual enlightenment.

Hopefully these suggestions will make you sexually conscious and aware. Do not be afraid to love yourself, take proper care of yourself and as always, stand in your sexual truth. Once you’re comfortable being you, the intimacy within will blossom.

Erotic Blessings,
Karma Eve

Comfortably leaning in my sexual truth.

4 thoughts on “Becoming Sexually You”

  1. Totally agree with all points made. i think we worry way to much as people about the thoughts and opinions of others. If we love and appreciate ourselves first and foremost we can open so many wonderful doors of sexual fulfilment and pleasures. You definitely have to be open to trying new things and exploration,which can lead you to so many things you may have never known you’d like if you hadn’t tried. Also definitely love your photos.Very Beautiful and Sexy

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