The Fountain Within: Female Ejaculation

An explosion of orgasmic wetness can be such a sexual delight for you and your lover however, if you’re not familiar with female ejaculation, also called squirting, it may make you think you’re urinating on your lover and become embarrassed instead of “soaking” in the special moment.

This highly charged orgasm can occur before, during and after a woman has an orgasm. The science-y part behind squirting came after many studies from female participants masturbating, to researchers using ultra-sound imaging with chemical analysis of the liquid. In layman’s term, ejaculation/squirting is part urine and a volume of fluid that is secretion from the female prostate known as prostate-specific androgen or PSA. From these studies, researchers have determined there are two different types of ejaculations and they have termed them as “squirting” and “ejaculation.” Even though we use the term squirting interchangeably, here’s the difference.

Female ejaculation: Thick, whitish fluid that resembles watered down milk. This comes from the Skene’s glands (named after Alexander Skene) which is the female prostate.

Squirting: Watered down urine mixed with some PSA and it comes from the bladder and exits through the urethra. Since the glands and the urethra are connected it makes one believe the fluid is all urine when in fact it isn’t. A good habit is to use the bathroom and empty your bladder before your sexual encounter.

Squirting occurs from the stimulation of the G-spot, being relaxed and being in a comfortable emotional state.

According to, pornography featuring squirting has been banned in the UK but is the third most searched category in Australia. It may be new to some but this sexy topic has been researched and written about since four century China. They believed the juicy liquid was filled with mystical and healthy properties. In India, it was called Nectar of the Gods due to its sweet taste.

Can all women do it? Yes, all women have the ability to ejaculate and/or squirt. Due to a lack of understanding women’s sexual issues and being unaware of the female body along with fear and embarrassment of doing this wet act, most women don’t do it. What helps a woman get her squirt on is plenty of G-spot stimulation. If you’re flying solo, experiment using different strokes and pressure. Try with your fingers or a sex toy. When you’re with your lover, clearly communicate what you’re feeling and how they can assist you in reaching this orgasm. If you’re the lover, help her achieve this tidal wave by keeping constant and steady rhythm. Watch and listen, not only to her verbally but watch how her body responds to your touch. Change positions, use your mouth, increase or decrease your touch.  

You and your lover may not accomplish releasing your great flow the first time you try it, but like you learned in elementary school, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Ladies, realize this is normal and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Keep in mind things can get messy but believe me, it is very much worth it. Embrace and love your wet sexual experience.

My experience has been wonderful. As I have mentioned in a prior post, I once had a lover that I have dubbed the Oral King because every single time he “went down” my fountain shot up. I have also had the experience of having it happen while having sex. The feeling is amazing and intense but it does use up a lot of sexual energy. What I don’t like is once a lover discovers I have the ability to squirt, he always looks for it to happen. I’m not an on-demand squirter but if he’s doing his job properly, it will occur naturally. Don’t keep asking me if it’s happening, if I am going to do it, and if it’s coming. Believe me, I’m vocal so I will let you know. I am fully aware of what my body is capable of and I love having my lover involved every step of the way. Sometimes it can happen twice in one night but like I said, it does use up a lot of energy.

Experiment, enjoy and happy squirting!

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

The road to the fountain within

2 thoughts on “The Fountain Within: Female Ejaculation”

  1. The road to the fountain huh?

    I’ve experienced uber wetness or maybe wetness on an Olympic scale, but I don’t honestly think that I’ve ever experienced squirting.

    I guess I’m a squirting virgin……….so to speak.


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