Orgasmic Meditation or Sex Scam?

Orgasmic meditation or OM as it is known by its participating members, is a combination of consciousness, touching and pleasure in a sensual manner for those who practice this relaxing technique. This is also paired with clitoris stimulation using a specific stroking motion.

The first orgasmic meditation company, One Taste was in New York where it was founded by Nicole Daedone and Rob Kandell. Their motto was “A pleasurable place for your body to be.” Due to some controversy with One Taste, the company had to be rebranded. At the time, clients stated the costs ranging from $149-$199 for a single class was causing them to go into debt. Click here to read of a cult-like existence for some of their former anonymous employees. A woman who was interviewed for Bloomberg Businessweek, reports of falling into deep debt, how she watched her life unravel the longer she stayed within this community and how sex did play an important part in their lifestyle group. The article was updated as recently as June 2018.

Now known as the Institute of OM, they state their wellness practice focuses on improving your emotional and physical health if you are willing to try new things. They want their clients to know the goal is not to bring them to orgasm but to “bring attention to the present moment and experience pleasure.” This was told by Anjuli Ayer, the CEO of the Institute of OM. With the power of meditation and an orgasmic state, this practice is more about connection.

Some say, if that is the case then there is no difference between OM and traditional meditation if the focus is about being conscious and present in the moment. Anjuli states it is about connecting mind and body on one accord.

What you can expect at a session is fifteen minutes of stroking the clitoris by a male partner as he is wearing latex gloves that are coated in lubricant.  This is a two-person practice. One person strokes, the other person is to “feel the sensation.”

The stroke technique must be done by starting on the upper-left quad of the clit where it is stroked with upward light strokes. The strokes must be no firmer than you would stroke an eyelid. Then you work your way to the other quads of the clit. The last two minutes a bell rings to alert you and that’s when the downward strokes are performed. Unfortunately, there is no stroking of the male genitalia. Below you’ll find parts of the meditation process that will get you headed in the right direction to begin your practice. You will have to visit the website to get the actual guide and more details.

1. First, you will be exposed to the paradigm-breaking principles and philosophies that form the basis of OM

2. Next, you will be guided through the 13 steps of the practice, from detailed recommendations on finding a partner and setting up your practice space to the actual mechanics of practice.

3. Once you’ve completed steps 1 & 2, you are ready to begin your practice! They will include an audio-guided OM to help you make sure your first steps are enjoyable and successful. From timings to instructional prompts, their guide is an incredible resource to getting started.

The Institute of OM states the benefits of OM are healthier and more connected relationships, less stress and anxiety, improved libido and increased happiness. With it still being considered a meditation practice, some of the other benefits are increased blood flow, improved sleep, relaxed muscles and joints and much more.

If you’re solo and you don’t have a partner for this practice, they have created meditative masturbation which is said to be just as good as OM.

If you go to the Institute of Om website, you can sign up for a free guide to OM and be placed on their email list to receive regular updates about the happenings with their company.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the company and its practice is a scam? Is it a modern-day cult? Or, do you see the health benefits this meditative practice offers? Chocolate Cocaine would love to hear from its readers.  

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Ted Talk with One Taste founder, Nicole Daedone

4 thoughts on “Orgasmic Meditation or Sex Scam?”

  1. Just read your piece on your blog and I heard about them a few years ago when I was studying tantra under Master Yao and eventually became a teacher under his system in which he took different aspects of tantra from Tibet, Kemet, Khmer and Native American. Now as far as OM in my opinion just call it what it is and stop with the marketing labels. Nothing meditative about someone rubbing on your clit. Just call it foreplay or masturbation. I have had plenty of women on my tantric table and yes there is clitoric stimulation either directly or indirectly via the movement of energy or a combination of both. My opinion a Scam because of the use of the word meditation. Now if they would have said Professional Foreplay or Masturbation Mastery Class then that is a different story. But to play devils advocate whose to say you can’t combine different meditation techniques and styles with foreplay and give it a name. However in this society of marketing and culture appropriate people are always coming up with way to make a buck and there is always a sucker born everyday.


    1. Very interesting to know what you have studied. I’d like to hear more about that. I do believe it is a scam due to how aggressively they came at people for money and other unnecessary tatics. Had it just been getting in touch with yourself sexually or some of the suggestions you made and it was a decent priced class, then I can see the reasoning behind it. This was different. Peoople were getting caught up in various ways.


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