PassionPoet: The Man – The Erotic Artist

I would like to introduce to you a longtime friend, author and poet. We have been within the same erotica writer circles and supporters of each other’s work for many years. He has always had a love of the erotic arts and he takes his work seriously. An author of several books and a mic blesser at many spoken word events, this brotha from Barbados with the sexy island accent is sure to get you in a sensual mood.

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Robert Gibson, otherwise known as the PassionPoet. I’m born and raised in Barbados, in the Caribbean.

 Tell me about your name and what it means.

When I started reciting poetry, I was going by my government name. However, my enthusiasm for all things poetry was evident – I used to be the first to arrive at events and the last to leave – so much so that when I was being introduced to recite the announcer would invariably say, “This is Robert – and he is passionate about poetry!”  A couple years later, some of the Barbadian writing community came together and started chatting on Whatsapp where there was a poetry challenge to write a poem about your writing as though it was a superpower.  I came up with the name ‘Passion’ because of my love for erotic writing – my friends laughed at me and said it sounded like an erotic dancer, so I added ‘Poet’:  PassionPoet.

 How did you become an erotic writer and poet?

I started writing at 14 years old as I was introduced to poetry in school. Of course, my poetry wasn’t erotic then. It became erotic around 18 – 20 years old. I was not having sex – I did not lose my virginity until age 23 – but I was horny and, as a Christian at the time, premarital sex was prohibited so I had to get the sexual urges under control. I wrote them out, but never stopped writing about my love for women and sensuality.

 Was that when you dedicated your time to writing erotically?

When I started writing erotically it was sporadic. When I got married in 2001 at 23 my writing died down and only picked back up in 2011 after my divorce. I’d say I really devoted my art to the erotic around then, so about nine years as at this writing.

 How do you describe your poetry?

Poetry for me is painting emotions with words. I focus on describing feelings and emotions, using metaphors and imagery as my primary literary devices.

 What are your goals as an artist for 2020?

I want to finish my two novels in progress Make it Raine: Rainefall (Rainefall) and Make it Raine: The Jasmine Chronicles (Jasmine). I would like to get myself financially stable with my company The Erotic Empire and possibly start performing again.

How do you come up with your poetic ideas?

Women are my muse; I write a lot when aroused. Random words sometimes trigger writing ideas too; they usually end up being the titles of my pieces.

Tell us about some of your most recent projects you are working on.

My last novel Make it Raine was published in 2017. Personal issues stopped me from completing the continuation of the storing in Rainefall. I decided to try again and write the story of Make it Raine from the female protagonist’s view, hence Jasmine. But, once again, I was struggling to find words.  So last year November I decided to pull together all the erotic poems I wrote in the last year and a half and create a book from them. I expanded the scope to include non-sensual poetry from my personal journal as people kept saying they wanted to learn more about me beyond the sex, so Passion: The Gemini Project was born!

What challenges if any, do you have as a man performing and writing about erotica?

Well, most people assume that either I’m a pervert (well, I am – I run a whole Empire!) or that I am getting sex on a regular because of my poetry (which, sadly, isn’t true.) Writing erotica in a mostly conservative country like Barbados means that people restrict me a lot in terms of what I can and can’t perform and which pieces I can do, as well.

Do you have a special artist that you follow and listen to or read?

As long as it’s erotica I will read/listen, but I adore the work of Nadine M Catalano (erotic novelist) and all the writers within my EroticEmpire … they drop some FIRE when they’re ready!

What changes would you like to see in the erotic / spoken word/writer’s industry?

Could I ask for it to be more mainstream? Well, maybe not mainstream so much as ‘accepted’. At least here, in Barbados, a slack soca tune will get more play than a witty spoken word that is about sex. Why? I feel that Barbados is hypocritical when it comes to this. I had a local book store tell me that no one would buy my novel Make it Raine but had hundreds of books by Zane and Eric Jerome Dickey. I want a chance too!

For those who may not be familiar with an erotic artist such as yourself, what do you want people to take away from the art?

At least for me, the art is not just about the sexy words. Yes, I want you to be mentally and physically aroused when I speak/write, but I want you to go deeper than the mental and physical orgasm my words produce. I want women to feel like the sensual Goddesses they are and not just from the clichéd use of that term. I want them to feel like Oshun and Aphrodite, like Venus and Ceres. I want them to embody the Divine Feminine when they hear my words. But I also want people to see that I do not EVER objectify or attempt to make women feel like pieces of meat for men’s pleasure. I want people to hear one word when I release my work: WORSHIP. And in that worship, I want men and women to learn that it’s okay to be sensual. And that there are rules of engagement. Just like you would not be flippant to approach any other deity, the Woman is to be approached with more than a level of respect!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out either performing or writing erotically?

Have fun with it. Enjoy exploring your sensuality. Learn to use words in descriptive forms – metaphors, similes, images and personification are your friend. Do not be afraid of your feelings – they are supposed to be intense. Hell, masturbate and then write! Fill yourself with sensual energy! That’s what helps me… (Oh, wait, too much?)

If anyone wants to purchase a book, contact you or book you for a show, how can they reach out to you?

They can contact me by visiting my website at, by email at or they can follow me on Instagram @bajanpassionpoet and Twitter @bajnpassionpoet. They can reach out at any time, I’d love to hear from them.

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

3 thoughts on “PassionPoet: The Man – The Erotic Artist”

  1. Robert is Dope and thank you for interviewing him! I learned so much and it is good to know what fuels his pen. Glad to have the both of you in my Circle and Tribe #ESFAM ! And This Blog is DOPE! I LOVE IT!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much for the love and support! Erotica is such a fun and creative genre but people pretend not to like it or understand it (even though they’re having sex).

      I am so happy to know Robert and the entire ESFam! This is a journey we all must continue!


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