Omaha the Cat Dancer

I would like to thank all of those who have reached out and checked on me. Since last week, I have been sick with the flu that has seriously taken me out of commission. I’m still not 100% however, I am here with a post I think you’ll love and it helps keep me from being bored. Enjoy!

If you are a fan of graphic novels or if you’re not, this particular graphic novel may convince you to take a peek at this one. In 2010 after I had written an erotic soap opera with a plan on making it into a comic strip, I wanted to see what other examples of that had been done and that’s when I discovered, Omaha the Cat Dancer.

Omaha the Cat Dancer was first debuted as an erotic comic strip in the late 1970s. Created by artist, Reed Waller and writer, Kate Worley, the story focuses on Omaha, an exotic dancer and her lover, the son of a business tycoon. Omaha and her friends are just trying to survive the struggles of the times along with stopping developers from taking over their neighborhood. Sounds like gentrification was rearing its ugly head even in a comic strip! All characters in the comic are cats, dogs, rabbits and other such animals but with human looks, emotions and lifestyles.

The idea came about when Reed founded the underground fanzine, Vootie which promoted funny animal comics.  A contributor to the fanzine told Reed there wasn’t enough sex in that genre and that’s when he decided to kick things up a notch. Reed began to visit local strip clubs in St. Paul, Minnesota with his sketchbook and started paying attention to the politics of how the city was trying to shut the establishments down.

Of course there was plenty of hot, steamy sex and yes, that brought controversy with the printing of Omaha the Cat Dancer.

At one point, every issue of Omaha and some other erotic comics were removed from a Chicago comic bookstore. Due to those actions, the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund was created. Toronto suggested the comic promoted beastiality but the case was later dropped. Due to the emotional backstory, the Obscene Publication Tribunal ruled that Omaha the Cat Dancer was not indecent.

Omaha was first self-published then was later picked up by Kitchen Sink Press where it was in Bizarre Sex 9 and Bizarre Sex 10. It then became a series with Steeldragon Press which only lasted two issues then returned to Kitchen Sink Press. At that time, Reed was having a writer’s block so his then girlfriend, Kate took over for him. After a few years, Kate was involved in a serious car accident which made publishing Omaha erratic. Reed was later diagnosed with colon cancer. To help pay for medical expenses some of the best of comic writers got together and created fundraiser books called Images of Omaha in 1992. Thankfully, Reed recovered however, him and Kate broke up which stopped anything to do with Omaha for ten years.

Reed and Kate decided to pick up the story again. Unfortunately, it was Kate who was diagnosed with cancer this time and in 2004, she died. There was a special request her husband promised to fulfill and that was to write in her place. In 2006, NBM released the new Omaha in Sizzle Magazine.

It has been some time since I have read about Omaha and her adventures but Reed and Kate gave this comic life. Intense drawings, a story that pulls you in and of course, interesting characters. In one of the books I own, the story discusses how the Supreme Court in the state of Indiana required nipples on strippers be covered with pasties. Chuck, Omaha’s boyfriend quotes comedian, Lenny Bruce by saying, “the way to distinguish tits from breasts are those objects so beloved of children and husbands.”

Go to Amazon and get you a few copies of Omaha the Cat Dancer and decide for yourself what this comic book gives to its readers and fans. As a matter of fact, I have a birthday in April, order one for yourself and one for me too!

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Omaha the Cat Dancer

2 thoughts on “Omaha the Cat Dancer”

  1. We all have nipples, it’s amazing that it’s important to so many people that women’s nipples need to be covered up. Especially since so many of us were breastfed and have had a nipple shoved in our mouths on countless occasions to provide us with nourishment.

    I live in Florida and since it’s so damned hot most of the year it’s not uncommon to see men walking around topless with moobs (man boobs) bigger than any woman’s in sight. Why is that okay, but women need to cover their nipples because it’s considered indecent. That’s just silly.

    I hope you feel better, the flu cooties had me down for a good three weeks last month.


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