Stalking, Abuse, and Insults OH MY!

I must apologize to anyone who may have seen any messages that had absolutely nothing to do with Chocolate Cocaine.

Unfortunately, yesterday my ex-husband unleashed his mental fury on me, which was unwanted contact from him. He suffers with drug addiction, mental issues and anger issues. Throughout our marriage even with him going to drug rehabilitation and meeting with various AA and NA counselors, he was unable to win his battle against drugs.

In the past, he was physically and financially abusive to me. He has stolen money from me, thrown out accusations of me wanting to kill both of our families, has tried to have me arrested several times. The most recent event was last year when he called the police and told them I tried to throw him down a flight of stairs because he was angry, I wouldn’t allow him to stay with me since he was homeless. He has posted photos of me on social media that I did not authorize and has threatened to sue me for small things such as not allowing him to store his personal items in my home.

He has been blocked from all my social media for approximately six years. He sought out and found a page I run on Facebook and decided to send me a Sade video. I politely asked him not to contact me. He went from zero to one hundred fifty hurling insults and name calling. I reached out to both of his parents, who like me and have no issues with me. Last year, his father gave me the keys to his beautiful home and asked if I would house and pet sit while he and his wife went out of town. Yesterday my ex-husband went ballistic when his mother reached out and told him to stop contacting me. I made a report with the police department to document this incident and to protect myself in case this goes any further. His father reached out to me later and informed me, he too had told him to stop contacting me.

I’m making this situation public for my safety. My ex-husband is still angry that our marriage ended and unfortunately, he has not bounced back. He has mental issues which he’s obviously not properly handling. I cannot say if he is still using crack and cocaine, his choice of drugs, but his behavior mimics the same behavior when we were married. Explosive. He is revengeful, filled with anger and spiteful. That makes for a dangerous combination.

During an incident where he almost killed me, I stayed in a domestic violence shelter for about seven to nine days. Therefore, I created Boss Ass Broad, my community service organization where I collect personal hygiene items for women in domestic violence shelters. I also speak at workshops, conferences and to our recruit class for our local police department when asked to speak on domestic violence. If you ever see any hateful or strange postings, comments or anything else, please check with me and check on me. Hopefully this will come to an end since it’s been reported to the police. When you’re dealing with an unstable person, one never knows. Also, if there is anyone who is in an abusive relationship, seek professional help to get out be safe and get your life back. You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (800-799-7233) Thank you for being loyal and I hope you continue to support Karma Eve and Chocolate Cocaine.

I don’t want to end on a bad note so good news I have is I found out this week I have been accepted into a PhD program for Human Sexuality! It’s about to be on and poppin’! Have a great weekend and tell your friends to subscribe and get addicted to Chocolate Cocaine!

Special announcement: Did you know Tennessee is ranked 5th in the country for men who kill women in domestic violence incidents?

Let’s put an end to domestic violence

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

5 thoughts on “Stalking, Abuse, and Insults OH MY!”

  1. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for Karma Eve……be safe.

    I would think that just about all of us have had a close relative or loved one that has succumbed to some form of addiction at one time or another. When I think of addiction I think of my cousin Randy, who had so much promise, which ended up going straight through his veins. One of my past long term relationships parents were both drug addicts.

    I, for one, am sorry to hear that your marital experience included that dark situation. I am 55 years old and I can honestly say that I’ve never hit a woman in my life. I’ve never even come close and I’ve been bruised and bloodied by a couple of my lovers over the years. Of course, those relationships had to end, but it happened.

    We all deserve to be loved and treated as though we are precious. If that’s not something that our significant others can offer…….then we all should move on. Nothing is so important as to have to cause us to risk our life and limb for someone else’s fucked up perception of what love should look like.


    1. Thank you. I want those who follow me to know I respect them and am grateful for them reading what I write. I felt I needed to write this post for a few reasons…1. To stand in my truth about this situation. If I am going to be open, honesty comes with it.
      2. If anyone is in an abusive relationship, they can see life is better when you leave, you empower yourself after you leave and even if that person tries to tear you down later, you still win by not allowing them to win in your personal life.
      3. For my safety. If anything were to happen, the truth would be documented.

      Drugs are a family/community issue, not just the problem of the individual. However, we do not have to carry someone else’s cross if they are unwilling to get proper help.

      I hate to hear you went through your own domestic violence in past relationships but I’m happy to see you were able to move forward.


      1. I stand in my truth too.

        There are women out there that will hit a man if they are sure they won’t strike them back……..I’m sure that I’m not the only one that’s happened to. I’ve had a woman hit me and ask me why I didn’t just hit her back. I was dumbfounded that anyone would say something as stupid as that.

        When I was in college I dated a young woman who flat out told me that she expected her man to beat her since he only did it because he loved her…..and yes, I was her side piece. I remember asking her why she felt like that, because that’s not a sign of love and she simply stared at me as if there was something wrong with me.


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