My Lips are Inspiring

This morning I posted a photo of just my lips on my social media and stated, “When your lips are so pretty, nothing but sweet words can come out your mouth.

Little did I know a friend of mine, who is a poet would see this photo and be inspired to create a poem. Ran-Ironman also known as Ironman Poetry reached out and asked if he could use the photo. Without hesitation, I told him, yes!

Ironman has been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. He has always been a huge contributor to the poetry community and a supporter of me and my work. I wanted to take this time to highlight him as an artist and to tell him thank him for creating art with my mouf!

Below, you will find Ironman’s poem along with my photo. If you would like to connect with Ironman, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you and we both hope you enjoy.

I want
Those lips…..
Entice me
Invite me
I want to get inside your…..
Your life giver/a beautiful vessel/incredibly edible/putting you above……
You are on the celestial pedestal/angelic presence/exceptional essence/divine…..
You are divine/indeed….I see heaven while inside….
Going higher than Spaceships/equipped with Moon Boots/enveloped in cosmic aura….
Our combination dwarfs stars….
Going down Smooth like Stella Artois…..
Cold and hot at the same time…..refreshing….
I delight in tasting you
Only you…..
Scream on me/on top of me/no stopping me/Opera Sing to me
I am the orator/the composer/making love to you in compulsion/explosion/come with me/all over me/bursting at the seams/I dream of you
In color/spring time colours/there is no one above you….
Those lips/entice/I want to bite/excite/day and night/invite me…..
I want those lips
I want you
I want you.

What photo of mine would inspire you to create a poem?

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

A pretty mouth does pretty things

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