Amber and Her Toys

We are not talking Barbie Dolls and Tonka Trucks! This is about super long dildos, bondage gear with slave collars, and handcuffs, vibrators with the speed and power to jumpstart a small car and more! Meet a young sista who has started an online adult toy store and discover how to add some fun and excitement to your sex life.

Tell us a little about yourself and what made you want to start an online adult toy business? My name is Amber, I am 25 years old and I choose to start an adult toy store business because I didn’t really have an interest in starting a hair or lash store. Several people were already doing that. I love to stand out and is something I knew no one would expect from me. 

How long has this been on your mind? I have been wanting to start a business and work from home for about two years but struggled with finding exactly what I wanted to do.

Are you receiving any negative pushback from family and friends regarding the type of business you’ve started? No, my parents are very proud of me being the second child out of 10 siblings to start my own business. A lot of people have been sharing my post on social media too!

Who are some of your biggest supporters on this journey? My husband is my biggest supporter. He paid for the startup cost and, the domain name.

What does this business mean for you and other black women and their sexuality? We are queens and we should embrace our sexuality. As a black woman with a sex toy store, I feel I am accomplishing a lot, breaking generational curses, and doing what people say a black woman can’t do. I am just happy to be one of the many millions of black women who own a business.

Tell us about your products and what your clients can find at   Clients will be able to find a variety of items on my site from anal beads to vibrators for men. I have a 20-speed vibrator, extra-long dildo and sexy bondage items. Every item on the website comes in various colors.

What advice would you give to a first timer on your site so they can feel comfortable and not overwhelmed? Everything is simply categorized, and each category has 3-5 items so there is no need to be overwhelmed. My site holds 20 items and I choose only 20 because I remember walking into an actual adult store and being super overwhelmed and kind of embarrassed to ask for help. Each item on my site is greatly detailed so you will know exactly what you need and be able to find it at ease.

Will you stay with the online store or do you see yourself having a brick-and-mortar in the future? That is something I would like to do when I’m ready to expand.

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur who wants to follow in your steps? DO NOT GIVE UP. If you can think you can achieve it, manifest your dreams and goals and work hard towards them because you are in control of your life.

You’re running some specials on, tell us more! Yes, I choose to run special deals on my store because I know how expensive adult toys are in stores and on other websites. I want to make sure I stay ahead of my competitors. I’m also working on a free shipping special, where any order $50 and up will be granted free shipping and any order $100 and up will have 10% discount and of course free shipping.

What vision do you have for the future of I see my store being a top selling store. I’m working on adding lingerie, massage oils and kinky sex games. Also of course having a building in my name.

Special announcement: In 2016, Forbes reported the sex toy market became a $15 billion dollar industry. At that time, they projected by the year 2020, it will surpass $50 billion dollars. Go vibrate to that!

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

10-Speed Vibrator Kegel Ball
Fox Anal Tail
Mini Bullet

2 thoughts on “Amber and Her Toys”

  1. Very nice . Big congratulations as a young entrepreneur venturing into an area where so many,female and male,particularly those of us of color are so afraid to dive in to. So many are afraid or intimidated by things that are intended to add to or enhance one’s pleasure. I’ve always loved the extra excitement they bring in lovemaking, and I get a major turn on watching a lover pleasure themselves with them. Kudos again to you and Karma,keep the pleasure and the juices flowing love.

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