Brian Dwayne: The Magic Behind the Camera

I met this amazingly talented brotha on Instagram when I stumbled across a photo he had taken and found myself scrolling through his page unable to take my eyes off his beautiful work.

His work is organic, intimately freeing and a breath of fresh air. With subjects that are fifty shades of delicious chocolate, Brian Dwayne brings out the best in each of his models through photography. Please take the time to read about how Brian got his start in photography, then visit his Instagram pages to see for yourself the magic he creates. His breathtaking creations can be viewed at BrianDwayne and BlkTouch.

Tell me about your photography background. How long have you been in the business?  

I fell in love with photos long before I ever picked up a camera. I would spend hours almost every day on admiring the work of inspiring artists. Taking time to save my favorites and review. It was during this time I believe I developed my idea of what a quality photograph was. Eventually, I picked up a camera and started shooting whatever/whoever I could. In the beginning, I couldn’t create anything I would consider beautiful, based on that standard set by my hero’s but in time I would get better at it. I started shooting and sharing back in 2013. I started with shooting friends and family and eventually started working with well-known yogis on IG and built a following from there.

Your photos are amazing. How did you begin taking such sensual and sexy photos? What is the difference from the photos you first started taking compared to your work now?

What made me begin to take photos? Well honestly I’m a big nerd and I was fascinated with the technical part of a camera and how it worked. I was interested in understanding and mastering that understanding.

During the beginning of my photo career I was married and primarily focused on portraiture, which I still love. My ex-wife and I started creating more sensual photography together on the name @sheismephotography. The idea was to take beautiful, unique portraits of primarily black women and turn them into art pieces. Was a good idea but it died with the marriage.

What inspires your artistic photography?

The natural beauty of black women…simple as that. 

What do you look for with your models?

I try not to look for a particular thing because I don’t want my work to look the same. I would say I’m more interested in their energy. There are enough images profiling women’s bodies but I think my work focuses a bit past that and allows you to see a bit of her the subject is as a person. 

How do you pull out the model’s best, while making her feel comfortable and bringing life into each photo?

My sessions work more like conversations. Trust and comfort can’t be manufactured. We give it to someone when we believe we understand their intentions. You can only really do that by talking with someone. So I try to be as open with my subjects as I’m asking them to be with me. We naturally reciprocate that energy in our everyday life it’s no different in the studio

What projects are you working on for 2020?  

I’m currently working on an erotica project I started last year call BlkTouch. Folks can check it out at In essence, I’ve taken my approach to portrait photography and applied it to black erotica. The focus is on natural connections, sensuality and capturing as much of an authentic scene as I possibly can.

What is the ultimate photo shoot you would love to create?

That’s an interesting question. I don’t usually have a grand idea in mind when I shoot. There were very few times that I had a specific vision that I was trying to execute against. Maybe years ago when I just started. I was much more of a control freak when it came to shooting. Now, I like things to be organic. I may not know the specific location, weather, style before I show up for the session. I just take what I’m given and see the beauty in it.

What has photographing women taught you about us (women)?

That women usually seek out what they think are their imperfections first and foremost in an image. No matter what the composition, feel, tone, concept. They seek it out. So I’ve gotten better at seeing what that might be in advance of taking the photos.

What do you want people to see, think and feel when they view your work?

I want them to feel my admiration I feel for black women. How they aren’t here for our pleasure, they aren’t a nuisance, they aren’t one-dimensional. They are the start, the beginning of what we know as life. Truly God walking, talking and lying next to you. Amen.

What advice would you give to a new photographer who wants to reach the creative heights you’ve achieved?

Take your time and focus on the craft. There will always be people you admire, but the only challenge that’s real is getting better than who you are now. Time will take care of the rest if this is really for you. But, first and foremost you should love the craft!

How does someone contact you if they want to schedule a photo shoot with you?

The best way is to reach out is via email at I’m currently working on setting up my site again. Sadly it’s been down for a while and I haven’t had time to get it up and going again. But now it’s high on my list. 

Photography by Brian Dwayne
Photography by Brian Dwayne
Photography by Brian Dwayne
Photography by Brian Dwayne

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Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

8 thoughts on “Brian Dwayne: The Magic Behind the Camera”

  1. Respect

    His art, his captures are amazing. I just spent an hour on his Instagram. I do so love the way in which he captures the feminine form. His work is beautiful. I suppose I like what I like, but the complexions of the sistas in his photos are simply amazing. Once again, his work is beautiful. I may not know what art really is, but I know what I like.


    1. And that is why I wanted to highlight him here on Chocolate Cocaine! His work is amazing! When I first saw his photos, I just kept scrolling and scrolling, and scrolling. I kept wanting more. Glad you like his work!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve always liked stuff like that Karma Eve. He seems to have the same fun through the lens that you show in your pictures. You always look like you’re having a ball.


      2. I want to represent older women, dark skin women and black women in a different light than what the world lables us to be. Breath taking, fun, sexy is better than angry, bitter, mad, or even ugly.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Despite all of that, you’re representing beautiful women who are enjoying their lives…all while being sexy and beautiful….at any age. All of that comes through in those pictures Karma Eve.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. If a picture tells a thousand stories, then brother Brian has told some of life’s greatest stories indeed through his incredible photos. That brother is truly blessed with amazing eyes, and just got a new follower and fan for life. Keep blessing us brother, and thank you for sharing his talents with us Karma-Love & Respect

    Liked by 1 person

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