Double Chocolate Surprise

Since the lock down, I have been going through some writings such as short stories and poems I’ ve written in the past. Some of the poems I have performed at adult themed events when I was an erotic spoken word artist. Here is one poem I wrote and still feel is a sexy piece. Enjoy!

He was my double chocolate surprise

I knew it as soon as I looked in his eyes

I immediately felt the tingle between my thighs

Looking at me like I was the last piece of coffeecake with cinnamon swirl

He too, knew that we were headed for an erotic night in a passionate world

My lips, fresh and ripe like strawberries

Ready to smother him with kisses like hot fudge on a sundae

The heat from his kisses

The cool from my wetness

The melting of two bodies that have now intertwined into one

Chocolate sweet to the taste, not a drop of him to waste

Strokes of the sweetest kind as my lips wrapped around my chocolate surprise

My honey dripped like sweet nectar from a peach

We fed off of one another like we were a royal feast

A feast fulfilling a hunger that runs erotically deep

Getting full and filling up fast

I thank him for this sweet treat that will forever last

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Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Be a double chocolate surprise

12 thoughts on “Double Chocolate Surprise”

  1. Very nice Karma Eve. I’ve always enjoyed your poetry.

    You give such great face. Not every woman can pull off short hair, but you do it well.

    Stay sage, stay safe.


    1. Charlie, thank you so much for taking the time to read Double Chocolate Surprise. I’m happy you enjoyed it. Please come back often and get high off this Chocolate Cocaine!


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