Welcome to Chocolate Cocaine

Thank you for sharing your time with me and welcome to Chocolate Cocaine! I am a former erotic spoken word artist and author of Erotic Bloom, a collection of erotic poems and short stories. I am Karma Eve, the Goddess behind Chocolate Cocaine, the blog and the NEW Chocolate Cocaine: The Erotic Bedtime Stories, the podcast.

I’m still tweaking the podcast since I am brand spanking new to the world of recording for my own personal podcast. Bear with me! I am always on the hunt for something new and exciting to share with you for the blog.

For all those who are new, I like to touch on a variety of erotic topics that are fun, educational and entertaining. Feel free to go back to read some of the past post that include the following:

General erotic stories:

Highlighting erotic artists:

Erotic black history:

I hope you enjoy what you read, and I love hearing from you. If you want to share a personal story, ask for advice, have an idea about a story or know an erotic artist that should be highlighted, send an email to KarmaEve@gmail.com.

Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook. Please comment, subscribe and share! Become addicted to Chocolate Cocaine and keep your eyes open for much more to come. Thank you and be safe.

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

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