Ready, Set, Blow: How to Give Good Head

Ask and you will receive. Remember when I said I want to learn how to give better oral sex? Well…

A short time after I wrote that blog, someone sent me a flyer for a class titled, Ready, Set, Blow. This was a class on how to give amazing blowjobs. Yes, I signed up for it!

With the takeover of COVID-19 and being limited to how many people can gather at one time for an event, this class was held online with several happy and engaged participants. It was a great class even with it being virtual, which even after this world incident may be a part of our new normal as a society.

Sexfluencer, Ashley Cobb is the instructor for this empowering class. Ashley had a very hands on approach, was able to answer questions from the participants and kept it fun, light yet extremely informative.

Ashley calls herself a Sexfluencer because she likes to think she is influencing people to have better sex. In her Ready, Set, Blow virtual class, she taught several techniques on how to give mind bending blow jobs and hand jobs. I asked her what someone could look forward to when they register and take her class. She made it clear that her class was an interactive class where a student is more than welcome to have a sex toy and practice along with her as she’s instructing. She does not want students just sitting and watching while she talks like in a traditional class. She’s open to hearing any oral sex tips from those who take the class, so share, share, share! “Come expecting to learn as well as fellowship with others.” Ashley stated.

In her class, Ashley taught at least eight explosive tips on making a night of dick sucking incredible. One tip she included to get your lover hot and ready was use your hands more. Using more hand action makes the experience pleasurable for both the giver and the receiver. It allows the giver to get a breather without interrupting stimulation and it gives your mouth a break as you perform orally. You can use this time to make direct eye contact, spit on the penis or tease your partner before resuming mouth action.

Some other suggestions Ashley discussed was to notice your lover’s body language to tell if you are pleasing him or making the experience uncomfortable for him. Ashley said, “Listening to your man’s body language will help you to figure out what the right way for him is because every man is different.”

For women who give blowjobs and are concerned with getting tight or sore jaws, she teaches exercises that can be done while you’re doing daily activities such as driving to work, watching television or brushing your teeth. If you feel you are lacking skills, practice, practice, practice is the name of the game. The only way to get better is to try, try and try again.

Ashley teaches a guided blowjob course for couples. This is where she guides the giver step by step on how to achieve the perfect blowjob for their mate. She also has a sex toy matchmaking service that matches individuals with their perfect sex toy. You can plan a girls’ night in virtual class with you, your besties, some wine and stimulating sex toys for a fun night with Ashley guiding you through how to live your best sex life.

Schedule a class and learn more about Ashley by visiting her website,

As a participant in her class, seeing as well as listening to Ashley’s techniques and suggestions, I learned two things about myself and they are…

  1. I AM doing it correctly! From using my hands to giving head in different positions, I have nothing to worry about when it comes to my skills. That was a New Year’s sex resolution, to get better at giving head and I think I do better than I thought I did.
  • I really didn’t know that men love the noise and slurping sounds a woman makes during an oral performance. I personally feel like a two-bit whore making all that noise but hey…whatever floats his boat, right? I may have to do a special experiment with this tip.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the class, the ladies who took the online class with me were fun and there were funny and interesting conversations among us. Ready, Set, Blow gave me a break from all the online work meetings I have been having and it was needed and truly informative. Now GO and sign up for a class that can change your sex life!

Do you have any special techniques you do when giving your lover oral sex? Let me know, I still want to add to my sex category.

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Ashley Cobb: Sex with Ashley

6 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Blow: How to Give Good Head”

  1. My grandmother used to always say that it’s far better to give than to receive. While I’m absolutely sure that she wasn’t talking about this topic… certainly is applicable.

    When you stated “Ashley taught at least eight explosive tips on making a night of dick sucking incredible”, I was like….”wow”.

    For me, I’ve always liked the sound and I always love the eye contact while she’s down there making sweet music on my man root.

    Nice post Karma Eve.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. As a matter of fact………

        I’m thinking that all men like something a little different, even though I’m sure we all love to cum. I’ve been with women in the past that were very passionate about it……and I never enjoyed it with them and others that acted like they knew nothing……that I thought could have written a book. It’s all in what you like I suppose.

        But then again…….back to what you said……yeah I was definitely trying to figure that out.

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  2. Great lunch break read. I am also a sex creative. I tell erotic stories. My most recent episode is all about my love for fellatio My Sweet Oral Fixation


    1. Duchess, thank you for taking the time to read Chocolate Cocaine and for sharing your podcast! We hope you become a subscriber of Chocolate Cocaine where you are welcome to comment and share at all times. I look forward to hearing more of your work as well!


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