Birthday Kiss #2

The best part about being a creative soul is you connect with other creative souls.

This poem was gifted to me by a talented erotic spoken word artist and author, Robert Gibson. His performance name is PassionPoet and if you’re an addict of Chocolate Cocaine, you read about him when he was featured a short time ago.

PassionPoet also has a podcast titled The Wett Spot. Ladies, your panties may get moist just from the sound of his sexy Caribbean voice.

I want to thank him for creating such a beautiful piece on this special day…my birthday. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Let me kiss you:
Let birthday celebrations commence
With fluttering lace whispering down thighs
As wetness glistens in the winking light.
Let me trace celebrations on your clit
With eager tongue, as fingers part folds
As though you were unwrapping your gifts
For I am the one to present you with presents…
For when I kiss you
My presence between your thighs will be the beginning
And triumphant, kaleidoscopic eruptions of pleasure
Will be our ending
Birthday celebrations imploding within your trembling walls
As your voice explodes out of you with carnal moans
You just can’t keep in…
But you will keep me in
As you let my shaft deep within your sex
As I thrust with the rhythm of your birthday countdown
Starting from your new year all the way back down to ‘one’….
Let our birthday celebrations begin
With a simple kiss – lip on lip
Slipping lace whispering down thighs
And wetness glistening in the winking light.
Let me kiss you
Until you cum undone.
And I will whisper, “Happy birthday” when we’re done
And all you can do is gasp for breath
Cumming down slowly
Until I kiss you again.

Erotic Blessings and happy birthday to me!

Karma Eve

Karma Eve

Published by: Karma Eve

I am a former Erotic Spoken Word Artist, author, and writer. I am always interested in networking and meeting other erotic artists of all kinds. Please subscribe, share with fans of erotica and feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you! Erotic blessings to you, Karma Eve


5 thoughts on “Birthday Kiss #2”

      1. Please don’t say that and respect the fact that I missed a trip that was important to me. I have asked everyone to respect my feelings on what I feel. There may not be next year. We don’t know when we’ll die. That trip was more than just a trip for me. There was more to it.


  1. Well I do hope that there is a next year for you Karma Eve. The world is a far more interesting place with you in it.

    ….and I do so hate the fact that you missed the opportunity to go this year.


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