Karma Eve, Are You Okay?

Since our lives have suddenly changed due to the world dealing with COVID-19, I began to go through some emotional changes.

During the first month and a half to two months of being off from work, I was okay with our new way of living. I was able to get sleep, eat the way I wanted, and I was on a home workout routine. I was even able to clean out some closets and gather up clothes, dishes, and other household items that I no longer used and donate to our local homeless shelter. Things were going well until they weren’t going well anymore.

One day, I was not feeling my normal happy self and that one day turned into three or four weeks. I found myself depressed. I turned off my phone and wasn’t communicating with anyone. Life was too strange for me not to feel any other way. People are dying, we’re still wearing masks when we go out, gathering in groups is limited, social life has drastically changed from what we all knew it to be, and travel is different. My birthday was in April and I had a spiritual-self-care trip planned to Jamaica which was canceled due to COVID-19. March 3rd, I was in the middle of a tornado. In February and January, I was sick. I was so sick in February, I told my son I thought I was dying. Friends and family believe I had the coronavirus but because doctors in Tennessee weren’t testing for that then, I’ll never know for sure. 2020 was starting terribly! After each incident, I kept going like the little train that could. With the time off work, I guess I was able to slow down enough to catch up with myself even during this world crisis. Instead of being rejuvenated, I went in the opposite direction. Everything felt heavy. Until I took a phone call from a friend.

I had been keeping my phone off and one day I turned it on because I was too lazy to pull up what I needed on my laptop. I walked away from it and came back to see I missed a call from my friend Key. Key normally sends a text or will inbox me on social media so when I saw a missed call from her, I knew it was important. I called Key back to have her tell me of an incredible experience she had and thought I would benefit from it and could also tell my Chocolate Cocaine readers about it. Key had a moving session with an energy healer. She went into detail about who she had this mind-blowing session with and what she experienced. She spoke with such excitement and enthusiasm she had my full attention. I am not going to speak on what her session was filled with because that is her personal story to tell. However, I will say that she spoke so well of this energy healer, I did reach out to him and he suggested I make an appointment to see what he is all about.

I have heard of energy workers prior to meeting this gentleman but I have never had that type of work done on me before. Once I made the appointment, I decided to go into it with no expectations even after hearing my friend’s experience with him. I wanted to be fully open and ready to have my own experience with him without making any comparison to hers. What I will tell you at this time is I’m glad I had a session with this wonderful energy healer. I’m not going to get into details on this post. I will on my next one. Keep your eyes open for the next blog post. It will be all about him, his work, and my experience during my session with him. I will let you know there were tears, uncontrollably laughter, and multiple orgasms! Stay tuned! See you soon!

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Karma Eve is on HIGH!

Published by: Karma Eve

Karma Eve is an author, writer, a former erotic spoken word artist, and an erotic historian that tells the stories of Black women who have broken barriers and blazed trails for Black women who stand strong in their sexual spaces today.

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14 thoughts on “Karma Eve, Are You Okay?”

  1. I am so very happy to hear that you are doing better Karma Eve.

    I was honestly concerned about you since you hadn’t posted in a minute. I’m glad to see that you intend to keep your blog going, since I do really enjoy reading it.

    Depression is something that I know a little something about; and I can”t say what’s been going on in the country over the last few months hasn’t impacted me…..it certainly has. Before it happened to me I didn’t completely buy into the concept. Until I had my issues years ago with my own depression I was an avid blogger myself……which I know you know, but once my own depression sat in, I was unable to continue writing my blog. I just couldn’t sit down and write with the same gusto that I had before. I’m so glad to hear that you’ll be coming back…..because you were certainly missed……I missed your wit and sage advice.

    I look forward to reading what you post in the future.

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    1. Thank you. It’s all a part of the healing process and everything is temporary. The good and the bad. I try to deal with it all by having better reactions and trying to learn the lesson.


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