Tantric Healing and Peace with Wayne Bey

There has been plenty of death, devastation, and unexpected life challenges and changes in 2020. It has become difficult to see the positive in daily living. However, I have found my light at the end of this tumultuous tunnel. His name is Wayne and he’s an Energy Healer.

I opened my door and saw a gentle giant at six feet tall and about 285 pounds, with a warm smile and a soft-spoken tone who greeted me with a nurturing hug. He came prepared with a black massage table and a bag filled with a candle, a speaker to play soothing sounds, and some other goodies for our session.

If you read my last blog post, Karma Eve, Are You Okay? I spoke about how he was recommended to me by my friend Key. She had a stimulating session with Wayne a few weeks before my scheduled appointment with him. She wanted me to know about her experience but she also felt he would make a great feature on Chocolate Cocaine and I too could benefit from having a session with him. After connecting with Wayne he suggested I make an appointment with him first instead of doing my traditional interview questions for the blog. I agreed and was ready to have my first ever energy healing session.

Who Is He?

I’ll tell you about my experience in a later post because I first want you to learn about Wayne and his gifts.

I call him an Energy Healer, however, he also goes by Metaphysician, Spiritualist, or Spiritual Healer. I asked him to explain what an Energy Healer is for those who are not familiar with this type of work. Wayne responded, “An Energy Healer is working with the subtle energy vibrations of the body. Emotions like sadness, frustration, anxiousness, are all different vibrations which can be shifted by a skilled practitioner.”

He said that everything is energy and matter is made up of molecules that are vibrating at different rates. You probably just flashed back to your junior high school science class with that lesson. Stating that we constantly pick up on energetic vibrations, he gave the example of if you walk into a room where people have been arguing and you “feel the tension in the air.” Or, you feel someone across the room staring at you. That is the vibrational energy we exchange and feel.

Working with the subtle vibrations of one’s body can be shifted by a skilled Energy Healer practitioner and that is where someone like Wayne comes in. With him being trained and certified in the modality of Tantric Energy Healing, I asked him to educate me on that form of study. Wayne states, “Tantra as a Life Science goes back 1000s of Years. Today most people only associate Tantra with sex but it was originally a Life System that focused on expansion and becoming the highest and best versions of yourself in every area of life. Tantra was and is about transformation.”

He went on to say Tantra Energy Healing is about “harnessing and cultivating the Sexual Creative Life Force Energy and channeling that for the purpose of healing, spiritual growth, and pleasure.”

Some of the benefits of Tantra Energy Healing and Energy Healing in general are:

  • Healing from physical trauma
  • Healing from emotional trauma
  • Bliss, pleasure
  • Spiritual growth
  • Enlightenment
  • Finding balance, peace
  • Deeper relaxation
  • Mood improvement

Believing that physical issues have spiritual or energetic root causes, Wayne has been a student of Energy Healing for several years. Working with herbs as a teen and practicing martial arts, he began meditating which then turned his interest to Energy Healing approximately seven years ago in 2013. He became a student of energy body, the chakra system, and other work. He later connected with his mentor, Master Yao who founded the Grand Trine System based on ancient Indigenous practices.

Most of Wayne’s clients come by word of mouth and they see him for various reasons. From dealing with stress, trauma, and health issues such as fibroids, to wanting better balance in their lives and some just curious about the pleasure and blissful aspects of his tantric work. No matter what their reasons for wanting to have a session with him, Wayne feels like anytime is a good time for healing. Other healing work he does is Intuitive Readings, Quantum Heart Work which assists in clearing out blockages on a higher level, Chakra Balancing, and Reiki. His Tantric Healing has become the most popular of all his work.

Women are his predominant clients however, some Heart Work and Reiki clients are men. “I have worked on men but it involves a female energetic partner as a conduit so to speak. I send the energy through her and she sends it to the male client.” Occasionally, he hosts a public Energy Healing circle where men and women are welcomed to attend.

To prepare yourself for a session with Wayne, he suggests increasing your water intake and coming into your session with an open mind. A typical session lasts between 70-90 minutes which includes set up time and discussion before and after the session if there are any questions or concerns. Physical touch is not required but when Wayne works with certain reflexology zones and acupuncture meridians, it is needed. He prepares himself for a session before meeting with his clients by doing a form of Divination and Energy Scanning to see what a client needs. Also he does yoga, qigong, and spending time in nature.

Each client and session differs from person to person. “A session may trigger memories and stir up a range of emotions and responses from joy, grief, anger, crying, pleasure, or bliss. The negative emotions surface to be purged and healed. Feelings of arousal and pleasure are not uncommon after the purging of negative emotions.”

How often a client receives energy work depends on their needs. Each time a client has a session it increases their vibration then it gradually decreases within 14-21 days. Every 3-4 weeks is the average time a client makes an appointment for their energy work. “Some people make it apart of their normal bi-weekly self-care routine. Nails done, hair done, Energy Work.”

After Energy Healing work is done, one can tell there is a change because they’ll feel different. A sense of peace, calmness, and joy will be with them. Wayne states, “Overall you should feel an improvement in your general well-being.”

Once one has had a session with Wayne, he suggests communing with the elements to keep your vibrations high until your next scheduled session.

  • Let the sun bless your skin
  • Stand barefoot in the grass, also known as Grounding
  • Go for a walk in the fresh air and breathe deeply
  • Take cleansing baths in sea salt
  • Spend time with yourself
  • Do some good self-care and pampering
  • Sit down and just breathe for a few minutes at a time

When asked why does he do this work he stated he enjoys helping people and he feels a strong pull to do this type of work. “All my life I’ve encountered people with traumas, it’s like they were drawn to me and I never understood it until I began doing Energy Healing.”

Wayne and his services are mobile which means he comes to you. I asked how far would he travel for a client. “I’m based in Middle Tennessee. The Nashville area, but I’ve had people bring me out to different places like Atlanta and Detroit to do work so I’m open to travel. Eventually, I’d like to be going to places like Bali and Indonesia. So I am pretty open.”

I’ll be telling you of my experience with Wayne in the next Chocolate Cocaine blog post. I have had only one session with Wayne but I am planning on scheduling another appointment with him in a few weeks if that gives you a hint on how our session went. I felt comfortable and safe with him. His display of professionalism was appreciated and I recommend him and his services to anyone willing to try something new and life-changing.

If you want to contact Wayne with any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment, you can visit his website at energyalchemy.net, find him at Instagram.com/EnergyAlchemy1, Facebook.com/EnergyAlchemy1 or email him at energyalchemy1@gmail.com. Wayne says, “Just reach out using one of the platforms and we can make it happen.”

Reach out to Wayne to get on a higher level of healing. Then keep your eyes open for the next post which will tell of my experience during my session with him.

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Wayne’s table where the magic happens
Wayne Bey, Spiritual Healer

2 thoughts on “Tantric Healing and Peace with Wayne Bey”

  1. Dope blog sis. I’ve also had sessions with Wayne (the Wizard, Lol). I’ve gotten past some serious trauma. He’s dope.


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