My Experience with Wayne Bey

In the last post you learned about Wayne Bey, an energy healer. ( Today, you learn about how my session went with Wayne. Instead of doing the normal write up, I decided to speak of my experience in a video. To put the experience in words would not do it the justice it deserves.

There were several emotions that surfaced during my session with Wayne. No matter what occurred at our apointment time, I felt safe and in good hands with him. He was professional and patient. Due to his spiritual work, he unblocked some negative passages within me which left me feeling refreshed and hopeful on my personal journey.

My aftercare of self has been to meditate, a lot of self-reflection, getting out into nature more, and even walking barefoot through grass which allows me to be more grounded. I believe I still have some blockages that need to be removed. Over a person’s lifetime there are pains and disappointments that sometimes sits in one’s pores taking up space and not allowing positive energy to flow. In order to be better for myself, my family and my lover, I stand strong in what Wayne does and I look forward to our next session.

This blog is about standing in our sexual power and being healthy for ourselves and those whom we share our sexual energy with. I will say the orgasms I had during the session were real however, I wanted to focus more on the healing and the higher vibrational path one can find themselves on during an energy healing session. The big O’s were a bonus. As always, subscribe, share, and comment. If you have questions or want to contact Wayne for an appointment, please reach out. Wayne can be reached at,,, or

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Karma Eve speaks about her experience during an energy healing session with Wayne Bey
Wayne Bey, Spiritual Healer

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