Orgasm Manifestation

Hello my Chocolate Cocaine addicts!

I know it has been a minute since I have checked in however, I am rounding out my first semester in grad school. Yes, Karma Eve is getting her PhD in Human Sexuality! What else would I get it in? I have missed being creative and coming up with interesting stories and interviews but most importantly, I have missed YOU! I hope you enjoy this post. Tell your friends, comment, share, and please stay safe!

Sexual energy is powerful!

Through sexual energy, we create unbelievable connections with our mates. Sexual energy creates life. Sometimes we waste this valuable energy on people with bad intentions and waste it on meaningless sex. We must protect our precious sexual energy at all costs.

Orgasms are magical! An orgasm can take over your entire body, including the mind. This is sometimes why they’re called mind-blowing. Orgasms are stress relievers, calorie burners, and they can assist in you getting better sleep.

Did you know you’re also at a high vibrational level when you orgasm? When aligned on the same love-level as you, you and your lover combine forces to create a life-changing shift. Selecting your lovers is essential for manifesting through orgasms and other reasons. How can we use this priceless energy when orgasming to manifest the desires of our hearts? Check out this list!

  1. Choose wisely – You must be with a loving, trusting mate. Choose your lovers with care. This person cannot be your side piece or that random-hit-it-and-quit-it individual.
  • Be specific – You should have a clear goal in mind. Your goal is what you want to see manifest in your life. If you have to write it down first to see it, feel free to do that.
  • Focus – Focus on your goal, your lover, and yourself. Be deep into the moment when it’s time to connect sexually. Feel your lover’s skin under your fingertips, look into their eyes, hear yourself and your lover’s moans. The moment you’ve prepared for is here!
  •  Visualize – As you are intimate with your lover, close your eyes and imagine the details of the goals you want to manifest as you begin to reach your orgasm.
  • Create an affirmation – You can create an affirmation, mantra, or a short prayer you want to repeat or chant several times to yourself or out loud as you cum.

If your lover is a willing participant, you both can discuss a goal you would like to manifest together. Maybe you want a new house, and you can visualize you and your lover making love in your spacious modern bedroom. Or, you may want to go on a much needed vacation, and you can focus your energy on getting on the plane, landing in your desired city, and having a wonderful stay at the hotel.

If you are solo-dolo, then masturbation is your friend. You do not have to be in a relationship to use your sexual energy to manifest your dreams.

Some people choose to manifest through orgasms when the moon is in a particular phase. Others create a loving atmosphere and perform rituals such as lighting candles, incense, saging the house, sprinkling essential oils, or Florida water. You can custom this moment to what is comfortable for you and your lover. Remember to believe your sexual energy can bring positive changes in your life and be consistent. You may not see things begin to shift for you immediately so be patient. Happy orgasms!

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

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