World Erotic Art Museum

I made a recent visit to the World Erotic Art Museum located in the Art Deco Historic District in Miami, Florida. This sexy little adventure was mindblowing!

The World Erotic Art Museum, also known as WEAM, is in an inconspicuous building. If you’re not paying attention, you can walk right past it. However, I was so excited to get there, I would have found it blindfolded. Once in the building, Emmanuel greeted me at the front desk, collected my $20 entry fee, and gave me instructions on how to get to the second floor to the erotic exhibits. Can you believe they let me loose in this place? I took the elevator one floor up and let the adventure begin!

When I exited the elevator, the first thing I saw was a large framed photo of the great and beautiful Josephine Baker. She was standing with her arms up, and her bare chest revealed with only a beaded necklace to slightly cover her nipples and a shimmy pearl-like bikini bottom. That immediately got my attention and perked up my senses to see more.

One side of the museum was the work of photographers that touched on different subjects. Some were sexual, but nothing too shocking. The displays were pleasant, thought-provoking, and it allowed me to slow down and take my time to look and see the photographer’s art.

The other side of the museum is the erotic side. WEAM has erotic collections from different cultures that tell the history of the world’s sexuality in various forms. From sexy perfume bottles shaped like a woman’s curvy body to smoking pipes shaped like a penis or vagina, each sex- themed room gives you a sex lesson.

There was a display to learn about the grandfather of sex, Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, who started sexual research by studying human sexuality and founded the Kinsey Institute in 1947, located at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. If you have ever seen the 1971 Stanley Kubrick movie, A Clockwork Orange, the original penis from one of the scenes was on display. A wall display of 73 different vaginas was clay with metallic paint and mounted on wood. Yes, I touched it. A Swarovski covered penis, full-bodied fiberglass statues positioned in one-on-one sex positions, and a stone amethyst geode naturally formed penis were just some of the erotic art I viewed throughout the museum. Many artists from exotic places such as Brazil, Hungaria, Italy, Japan, and America represented their sexy pieces from across different periods. Watercolor and pastels, color photography, ceramics, bronze sculptures, wood, porcelain, and even paintings on rice paper were some of the materials used to create the erotic works of art.

There was only one disappointing factor for me. I was surprised there wasn’t more representation of African or Black art. I was hoping to see something new and learn of artists I haven’t heard of yet. I spoke with Tony, who has worked at WEAM for fifteen years. Tony has seen many exhibits and is very knowledgeable. He is a true gem at this unique museum. He did reveal to me the museum at one time with their prior curator was more diverse. Unfortunately, due to her death, the new curator has a different vision for its future. I will send my concern to the new curator to let him know that African and Black voices and art are needed, especially in this unique environment. Do not let this lack of Blackness stop you from being a guest of WEAM. Many pieces of artwork from around the world date back almost to the beginning of time. WEAM is educational, exciting, and proof that sex is everywhere! If you go to Miami, please take time to check out the World Erotic Art Museum. Tell Tony and Emmanuel I said hello!

You can get more information at

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

P.S. There are safety rules in place due to COVID-19. Please check with the museum for more details.

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