Sex Shutdown

COVID-19 has changed our entire existence for this year. We have had to change our daily work and socialization habits to live safely and healthy. With many new changes in place, how has the coronavirus changed your sex life?

Many couples are still on their regular sex routines of loving, hugging, and keeping their love train running. The mandatory shelter in place policy may have brought you and your lover closer together. You used this shutdown period to learn, discuss, and explore new sex techniques, making you a better lover.

For those who may be having difficulties, what seems to be the problem?

COVID-19 has caused some couples to break up permanently. Too close for comfort, for too long. Threatened finances and other stresses at home make sex and lovemaking challenging for a couple in trying times. We have heard the old saying an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. This refers to a whole lot of doing nothing and allowing your mind to be the playground of the devil. Without your regular schedule, you or your mate begin to think of ways to be entertained. This can include connecting with ex-lovers or scrolling through social media more.  Little by little, this takes away the time and positive love you can give to your mate. It could be, you and your mate weren’t as close as you thought you were. You each living in separate spaces away from one another caused you to take a second look at the relationship.

No matter the situation that has caused you to pull away from your lover, here are a few tips that can make the shutdown more sexually engaging.

  • Research some new sex moves, games, and techniques that you can incorporate into your relationship that will be fun and bring you closer together
  • Create an indoor date night where you can safely eat a good meal, have great conversation, a lovely drink then connect intimately
  • Put electronics away! No laptops, phones, or anything that distracts you from your lover
  • Find a hobby to do together. From working on an at-home project to finding a good book to read and share your thoughts. Do something that will lay a strong foundation and grow your relationship
  • Find ways to touch. Massage, hold hands or cuddle. In this pandemic, touch is rare and lost outside of the home, don’t let it be forgotten in your home

There are several ways to get down and dirty with your lover, you must be creative and open. If you find yourself sexually lacking, it’s time to take a step back and see how it can be corrected to have a fulfilling sex life. Hit me up and let me know how your love life is surviving in 2020. What other sexy suggestions would you add to the above list that could get juices flowing?

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

6 thoughts on “Sex Shutdown”

  1. Strangely enough, the pandemic has put me a bit more in demand. Being respiratory therapist had made long hard shifts even harder. The effect that this had on me and love life is that I just want as much alone time as i can get once the work day/week is over. I’ve become extremely distant while still feeling as if I don’t get enough time and space to just breathe.


  2. Good advice Karma Eve.

    The way I see it there are only three outcomes for couples during and after this pandemic. First that there will be babies born as a result of people not being able to go and do anything else. Second that couples will grow closer together. Or third, people will get sick of each other and break up from their relationship.


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