Diva – The Sculpture

At the site of a former sugar mill on a hillside in northeastern Brazil, artist Juliana Notari created a 108-foot sculpture of a vulva.

Juliana titled her pussy creation the Diva. Well, what else would you call it? The blood-red vulva was revealed on New Year’s Eve and was installed one day after the country’s president Jair Boisonaro stated he would never legalize abortion in Brazil.

The Diva made of concrete and resin took a team of twenty skilled artists and eleven months to complete. This art piece is causing a bit of controversy. More than 25,000 comments were left on Juliana’s Facebook page after she posted photos of the Diva. Some people have not been supportive of this pussy power artwork. One woman asked what is she supposed to tell her young children if they saw the sculpture. Another woman replied by saying, “teach your daughters not to be ashamed of their own genitals.”

Many others show support, such as London’s Vagina Museum, who stated, “we adore Juliana Notari’s Diva sculpture, and send her solidarity and love for all the hate she’s received from the far right.”

Others have stated, respond back with a giant penis facing the Diva.

The artist herself states the piece is to be used to comment on gender issues from a woman’s perspective and question the relationship between nature and culture.

Twitter user, Amelie Eckersley said, “this piece is a fantastic rebellion against a government that not only denigrates women, but also artists, and I love that it is not connected to gender. It is of the earth, it is nature, it is public, and it is free.”

If you want to check out the artist, you can find more of her work at JulianaNotari.com or check out her Instagram page @Juliana_Notari.

Would seeing a vulva on your drive to and from work offend you? What are your thoughts on this sexual masterpiece?

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3 thoughts on “Diva – The Sculpture”

  1. There is something to be said about the power of the vagina. How many men have gotten shot over the centuries and how many wars have started due to the vagina?

    I thought the image was powerful. Half of the people on the planet have one and most of the rest of us spend our lives trying to get into one. It’s always amazing to me what someone is offended by.

    Nice post.

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  2. I don’t think seeing this on my way to work or while I’m out and about would bother me at all. I could see myself going “Hmm, that kinda looks like a vag….oh, wait…it IS a vagina”. Years ago, I could see myself being one of the outraged masses. But I like to think that I’ve grown by leaps and bounds since then. In fact, I now want to see it in person, stand next to it, and just enjoy it and it’s surroundings.


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