Thank You, Ma’am! Request for an Interview

Karyn J. Johnson is a writer, retired Erotic Spoken Word Artist, and a doctoral student studying Human Sexuality. She would like to invite you to participate in the interview and research process for her upcoming book titled, Thank You, Ma’am.

Before you decide, she wants you to understand what the research is about and how it would involve your participation.

This research is to gather information regarding the sexual journey of the older Black woman. The phrase, “wham bam thank you, ma’am,” refers to a brief sexual encounter that is fast-paced, unromantic, and unemotional with someone you don’t care about, barely know, or not in a serious relationship. It can be comparable to a booty call. During the study, she will eliminate the “wham-bam” and focus on the “thank you, ma’am,” which includes the pleasure, the love, and the sexual activities (or lack thereof) of the older Black woman. Black women, age forty-five years old and older, will complete a questionnaire and tell of a real-life sexual event that has impacted their lives.

If you decide to participate, you must do the following:

  • Sign a consent form (you will receive a copy for your records)
  • Complete a questionnaire
  • Agree to an interview done in person, by phone, Zoom, or another source

Purpose of research/interview:

Author Toni Morrison once said, “Black women’s sexuality is one of the unspeakable things unspoken.

Black women came to America held in captivity as slave owners stole their sexual freedoms. The purpose of this research and interview is to find out how much of our ancestors’ residue of sexual trauma we unconsciously carry with us. To see if we have grown sexually from young Black women to older Black women and how that process affects our sex lives. The results will tell if our sexual desires exist, if we have buried them due to the pressures of society or personal trauma, and how or if we act on our sexual wants and needs. She wants to find out if the older Black woman is sexually fulfilled and, if not, what she needs to be satisfied with and if she wants to be sexually satisfied. Also, the Black woman’s voice will be heard where many believe she should remain quiet.

To participate, you must be:

  • A Black woman
  • 45 years old and older
  • Willing to sign a consent form, which you will receive a copy of for your records
  • Complete a questionnaire
  • Agree to an interview done in person, by phone, Zoom, or another visual source
  • Of sound mind (mentally stable)

*Special note:

  • Your relationship status does NOT matter. You can be dating, single, married, divorced, or other.
  • Your sexual preference does NOT matter. You can be heterosexual or any member of the LGBTQ+ community
  • If you are sexually active or not, it does NOT matter. You can have sex regularly, or you cannot have had sex for months or years.


There are no monetary incentives given. However, those who complete the entire research and interview process will receive a copy of the book, Thank You, Ma’am, upon publication.


The identity of all participants will remain confidential. Your full name will not be disclosed. You will be asked if you want only your first name, initials, or another name used. The only person who will have access and/or knowledge of your identity and information will be the researcher/author, Karyn J. Johnson.

If you’re interested:

If you are interested in participating, you will receive a consent form that must be signed permitting you to speak with the interviewer regarding this project. You’ll also get a questionnaire which you will complete to the best of your ability, and return it to Karyn J. Johnson. Finally, an interview is scheduled to go over your questionnaire and get more information to help build a chapter specifically about you and your experience.

Include a friend:

Yes! You can tell a friend about this project. Please pass this information to any Black woman, 45 years or older, who you think will be interested in participating in this research and interview project. The friend (or relative) will need to contact the interviewer to receive the consent form, questionnaire and schedule an interview. If you are local and would like to meet as a group, we can schedule a small Thank You, Ma’am gathering.  

Contact information:

Email or to receive your consent form, questionnaire, and later to discuss the best time and day to schedule the interview.

Black women, let’s gather to talk sex

8 thoughts on “Thank You, Ma’am! Request for an Interview”

  1. Hi Karyn,I have shared this email with some friends. Count me in, let’s see if I make the cut. This is awesome.


  2. Hey Karyn, I am interested in being interviewed. Not to be a stickler but incase no one else told you but your email has a paragraph repeated. 


      1. 🙋🏾‍♀️Yes I’m N
        🗣let’s talk Sex
        Karma Eve this was passed to me by Tia.
        Gurl! I love the idea I’m all for it sounds like a Podcast Short Film, a much needed conversation & a whole LOTTA FUN 🥳🥳.
        #grownfolksonly #it’s🔥

        Liked by 1 person

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