Questions About Older Black Women and Our Sex

As older Black women, aged 45 years old and older, where are we on our sexual journey?

There are many questions I am asking and wanting to be answered from my older Black sistas while researching and writing my new book, Thank You, Ma’am. This book will allow Black women to have a voice on sex, where most times, we get labeled negatively regardless of our age.

I want the older Black woman to speak up and out on her sex life where she has been forced to be quiet or has been silent out of fear, judgment, and other discomforts. To get the conversation started, I am listing some questions I hope every Black woman will take the time to answer, even if it is just for herself in the privacy of her own space.

If you are interested in participating in the research and interview process for the new book, Thank You, Ma’am, email me at Your first step is to read the privacy policy, sign the consent form, and get that back to me. Once I receive the signed consent form, I will send you a questionnaire. Then we will go from there.


  • After all of these years, are we finally comfortable in our sexual skin?
  • If we as older Black women are not comfortable sexually, what causes the discomfort?
  • What sexual issues do you need to address that you’ve ignored or put off? Were you molested as a young child? Were you raped as an adult? Or, is there something else you need to confront head-on?
  • What sexual fun would you like to participate in but have kept your desires hidden due to possibly being misunderstood or judged?
  • Are you that older sista who has found her sexual groove, and you are liberated?
  • What do you do that makes you sexually free?

Let me hear from you! Tell me where you are on your sexual journey. Don’t forget to tell your older Black female friends and family that I am looking for them to be a part of the new book, Thank You, Ma’am! Also, Don’t forget to listen to the latest podcast of Chocolate Cocaine: The Erotic Bedtime Series.

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

I can still look alluring as I write this book, right?

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