Thank You, Ma’am Deadline

The deadline for the Thank You, Ma’am project is quickly approaching! September 12th is the final day!

Black women 40 years old or older, this is a project you want to participate in.

There is a three-step process to participate.

  • Give your consent
  • Complete a questionnaire
  • Let’s go over your questionnaire in an interview

I want to talk you YOU about your sexual journey. What does your sexual past look like? What are you feeling now as an older woman about your sex life? How do you envision your sexual future?

  • Your relationship status does NOT matter. You can be dating, single, married, divorced, or other.
  • Your sexual preference does NOT matter. You can be heterosexual or a member of the LGBTQ+ community
  • If you are sexually active or not, it does NOT matter. You can have sex regularly or have not had sex for months or years.

If you want to participate this is your last chance. The deadline is Sunday, September 12th! Email me at to start the process. Don’t forget to tell your friends! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram at IamKarmaEve and listen to the Chocolate Cocaine podcast on Anchor, Spotify, or Google Podcasts

Erotically Speaking,

Karma Eve   

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