Fantasizing with the Older Black Woman

The Thank You, Ma’am book I’ve been working on has been excellent!

I have talked to several older Black women, age 40 years and older, regarding their sexual journey. First, they had to sign a consent form, complete a questionnaire, and finally, do a one-on-one interview with me.

The conversations have been raw, eye-opening, and each woman has stood firm in her sexual truth. I am proud of these women for having the courage to speak out on such a sensitive topic. I am also grateful they have trusted me with the intimate details of their sex lives.

One question I asked all the women was, “what sexual fantasies would you like to live out as an older Black woman.” The sistas who participated in this project were clear on the assignment!

Armed with various responses, each woman spoke out on what they would like to do and what activity they would like to participate in if given a chance with the right lover. Keep in mind each woman spoke on her desires and was not trying to speak for other Black women as a whole. Many women stressed that if men were more trusting and honest in the relationship, women would be kinkier and more sexually free with them. So men, keep that in mind when your woman is clamming up. There is more to it than her being a prude.

The top fantasy of some older Black women is BDSM/kink. The women interviewed stated being tied up, spanked, or blindfolded were some of the things they would love to do or have done to them.

Another fantasy some of those interviewed wanted to bring to life was role play. Dressing up in various outfits and costumes while pretending to be someone else for their lover is a huge turn-on for the confident women who participated in this project.

Two other activities that tied with the role play fantasy were sex outside and an alternative lifestyle. Older Black women are ready to be adventurous (with a trusted lover). Outside sex sessions include sex in the park, on a balcony, on the beach, and other public areas, but having it done discreetly. The alternative lifestyle would consist of living in a throuple, quad, poly, or open marriage or relationship.  

A few of the other fantasies were having relations with someone of a different race, incorporating sex toys, and engaging in a threesome with the woman and two men. Older Black women know what they want and are willing to fill any sexual desires they have.

The deadline for the Thank You, Ma’am project is September 12th. So, unfortunately, if you’re an older Black woman and you wanted to participate but didn’t reach out or complete any of the steps in the process in time, you won’t be able to after the deadline. But, the good news is I had a few older Black men reach out to say they were interested in this project when I first put the word out. So, fellas, I’m coming for you next!

If you’re a Black man, 40 years old and older, and you want to participate in a similar process the women completed, feel free to email me now to get a list started, and I’ll reach out to you. You can email me at I look forward to hearing from you.  

Erotically Speaking,

Karma Eve

Karma Eve Likes to Serve It Up Too!

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