Introduction #1

For the month of October, I will be doing Small Talk with Karma Eve!

I’m going to post 31 days of sexy affirmations, the Monday Moaning Word of the Week (WOW) and have short discussions of various sex topics. You can find today’s first post on my Tik Tok, Instagram, or Facebook pages. (See below for the links) Or you can just read the introduction now!


I am Karma Eve, your Erotic Queen.

I am originally from Chicago and Indianapolis, but reside in Nashville.

My birthday is in April which makes me a Taurus girl!

I have 2 adult sons.

I love to travel, read, write, go to comedy shows, concerts, and just have fun.

The most recent book I’ve read is The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene.

I do not have a favorite color or food.

I am currently writing a book about older Black women aged 40 years old and older regarding their sex life past, present, and future.

I am always open to answer any questions!

Please join me for the month of October for Small Talk with Karma Eve! Follow me, tell a friend, subscribe, like, comment, and come back for more!  

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Erotic Blessings, 

Karma Eve

Short hair, don’t care!

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