How to Catch a Cougar

MEOW! So young man, you think you’re ready for all this cat?

Yesterday, I did the part two interview with my friend and hopefully soon to be co-host, PassionPoet. On his podcast, The Wett Spot, we discussed younger men dating older women. I gave him 5 tips and 1 bonus on how to catch a cougar. You can hear our discussion at—The-How-To-Catch-A-Cougar-RAWR–Edition-with-Karma-Eve-iamkarmaeve-Part-2-e1881rh

In the meantime, feel free to check out my 5 tips and the bonus below. Comment, share, and tell me what you think. Are there more tips to be added? Did I miss anything or did I hit the nail on the head? Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated!

  • Have good conversation – She comes from an era where men used to have game. They had to have a mouthpiece to get her attention. So, you need to speak with a purpose when you try to get her attention
  • Know how to communicate – Text, call, and talk. It’s okay to text, but don’t make that your only form of communication with her. Older women are used to hearing a man’s voice. It’s the deepness of it, the inflictions, and tones of the voice we need to hear. When you talk, have good conversation.
  • Look good as you have a life – Be involved with organizations, be in school, have a business or something. Don’t just be at home playing video games all day. If you’re busy and active, you’ll have proper clothing. You’re trying to date a woman who may be in organizations, volunteer, is the head of something and she may want you to meet her at one of her events. Or just want to go out to a nice spot and here you come dressed like you just got off the basketball court with your friends. Unacceptable.
  • Plan dates and follow up – Plan a real date. Not just going over her house. Then follow a day before the date to find out if everything is still on.
  • Take your time – Warm her up, be slow and sensuous. Give long body rubs and caresses, learn her body, explore her body.

BONUS – Use discretion. Don’t do a show and tell with your friends.

Don’t forget to listen to the 31 Days of Sexy Affirmations. We are on day 3! You can read them here or hear me say them at on Instagram. Or, you can catch me saying it to you at Chocolate Cocaine: The Erotic Bedtime Series. (There are also erotic bedtime stories to hear!)

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

The BIG cat is in the house! MEOW!

Published by: Karma Eve

Karma Eve is an author, writer, a former erotic spoken word artist, and an erotic historian that tells the stories of Black women who have broken barriers and blazed trails for Black women who stand strong in their sexual spaces today.

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