Monday Moaning Word of the Week – Pillow Princess

Now, I know it says “word of the week” and Pillow Princess is two words, but let’s discuss anyway, okay.

A Pillow Princess is a woman who loves to only receive oral sex from her partner and prefers not to return the gift of tongue to her pleasuring lover. This phrase originated from the LGBTQ+ community.

This prissy lover is normally a lesbian who is usually a “bottom.” This type of woman is seen as a selfish and lazy lover. Or, she may be seen as inexperienced or sexually experimenting. The term was once used to shame women who enjoyed this role. They were seen as laying back, getting off, and not caring for the need of their mate. However, times are changing for Pillow Princesses. It is now more acceptable to be one. The lesbian dating app, HER allows a Pillow Princess badge to be added to a user’s profile.

Keep in mind just like there are women who enjoy only giving oral sex, there are women who enjoy receiving only. It’s best to reveal your desires and needs early in a relationship.

Are you a Pillow Princess? Hit me up and let me know how your experiences have been as one.

Now that you know the Word of the Week (WOW), use it in a sentence today!

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Your Highness!

2 thoughts on “Monday Moaning Word of the Week – Pillow Princess”

  1. I consider myself to be a very sexual being who loves the pleasures of sex. Since entering the lifestyle and exploring threesomes I find great pleasure in receiving oral sex from the female. I do not foresee the favor being returned and thus has led me to become a pillow princess. I do not consider myself to be bisexual because I have no other interest in women outside of receiving sexual pleasures and if that leads one to feel I’m selfish then so be it.


    1. Angie,

      Thank you for your honesty! That is your sexual journey and experience and no one should judge you for it. It’s obvious you’re enjoying your sexual lifestyle and I applaud you for doing so!


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