30 Days of What?

We are a blink of an eye away from November! Our last day of the 31 Days of Sexy Affirmations is here! Can you believe it? The days went by quickly.

I hope with the 31 Days of Sexy Affirmations, you were able to find a few of them that made you feel sexy, whole, and empowered. I hope the words you read and repeated was able to unlock another level of light within you that will continue to shine and glow for you and for others to see. You are always welcome to come back to Chocolate Cocaine at anytime and find the right ones that resonated with you!

I was thinking maybe we can do something for the month of November. 30 Days, 30 ways! I’m asking if anyone has any ideas of something they would like for me to post for the next 30 days?

Some of my ideas are 30 days of sex positions, 30 days of Black erotic art or photos, 30 days of how to spice up your relationship or flirt with your lover. Those are just a few of the things I was thinking about. I would like to know what YOU would like to see for the month of November.

I am also planning a special month for the fellas! Debonair December! If you are a sexy man who would like to be highlighted, send an email to KarmaEve@gmail.com with “Debonair December” in the subject line, a sexy photo and tell me a little about yourself. Some information that can be included can be your name, age, status, where you’re from, how you can be found on social media (for all the ladies that will want to connect to you) and a sexy fact you don’t mind sharing. Ladies, tell your male friends I’m looking for THEM for Debonair December. Men, you have about a month if you’re going to try to beef up or whatever you want to do. All photos sent will be posted here on the Chocolate Cocaine blog, the I am Karma Eve Instagram page and Karma Eve Erotic Queen Facebook page.

Reach out to me with any ideas for November and email me at KarmaEve@gmail.com if you’re a sexy guy who wants to be highlighted for Debonair December! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

What should we do?
Debonair men, I’m looking for YOU!

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