The Lova in the Brotha

Women want a man in the streets and a freak in our bed. Found out more with this poem I wrote.

I want a man in the streets and a freak in my bed

If you’re hearing me, you understand what I just said

I want him to come in like he’s 5-0, rip off my clothes, throw me down on the flo’ and fuck me doggie style in slow mo’

Can you handle that type of sin?

Especially if I want it over and over again

Take control, be that pimp you claim to be

Watch me intensely as I mouth fuck you while on my knees

Be that rough neck, be that thug, fuck being sensitive, damn a hug

Be that rough ridin’ brotha, that make me squirt kind of lova

King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on you, so crack my legs open and do what you do

Make me reach for shit that’s nowhere near, while you’re whispering low talkin’ dirty in my ear

“Where you goin’?” He asked

‘Cause I slid back not once but twice

He was hittin’ so deep, I had to call on Christ

Then I made a mistake and slid back three times mo’

He just laughed and pulled me and place and said, “You ain’t goin’ nowhere, hell no.”

He was bitin’ and scratchin’ and pullin’ my hair

I was getting fucked royally which for some is quite rare

I know it sounds like I was being used, but trust me, my body liked the way it was getting used

Throwin’ it down hard…POW!

Like he was playing a game of spades

His sex cuttin’ up like he’s Gilette Triple Razor Blades

I want him to give it to me like he got mad attitude

Shit so wild, you’d think he was rude

I want to look into his eyes and see that crazy-fuck look

I would be like fish to bait ’cause this brotha would have me hooked

Back into it, gruntin’ hard

Sweatin’ fluids, leaving his sexual business card

Making me cry, shake, and shiver

Keepin’ me high, bringin’ the flow from my river

Bringin’ it home like he’s an America’s Most Wanted type of criminal

Like he’s a hood rich gangsta type of brotha

Like he’s a white tee, lean back, saggin’ jeans, Timberland wearin’ type of hustla

Doin’ it quite well ’cause he’s no busta

Layin’ me down and wearin’ me out, demonstrating what fucking is really about

Then when he’s done being my rough neck

My pussy pimpin’

My Mr. Lova Man

My Nyquil when I’m felling sexually ill, hittin’ deep, making my ass fall asleep

Doin’ it his way, got me speaking in tongues and making me pray

Taking it there Man-ho

He can go back to being the real gentleman I know

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

Do you need a lova like this?

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