Updates and Changes Coming Soon!

The Thank You, Ma’am project has been a journey!

To refresh your memory, last year, I interviewed Black women ages thirty-nine and older regarding their sexual journey. Twenty-two Black women trusted me enough to discuss intimate parts of their sex lives in detail. From how they learned or discovered sex to how they envision their sexual future.

Going into this project, I thought it would be difficult to find older Black women who wanted to talk about sex, their bodies, and their sexual habits. However, the hard part turned out to be getting the experts I needed to share their knowledge about the Black female body. Those from the medical field and the church did not want to speak up and advise for the cause. So I searched in and out of the state of Tennessee and reached out to those who others recommended. Those who agreed to participate silently backed out. I was disappointed.

There is light at the end of the tunnel! I found some experts who were not afraid to speak up and out for the Thank You, Ma’am project, and I finally brought the writing part to an end. It is now in the hands of an editor! So please be patient as we continue with the process of getting it to the final stage of publication and into your hands.

New Changes

Recently, the I am Karma Eve page on Instagram was disabled. When you are dope, no one can hold you down! However, that means rebuilding a new IG page. So please find me on Instagram under Chocolate Cocaine Presents!

Coming soon is a NEW website! This will include the Chocolate Cocaine blog, membership for exclusive photos, and more!  

Please do not forget to find me on my new Instagram page at Chocolate Cocaine Presents! I look forward to connecting with each of you on IG!

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

It’s Karma Eve, Ms. Chocolate Cocaine!

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