Consent – Word of the Day

I have interviewed twenty-two older Black women for the book I am writing, Thank You, Ma’am: The Truth About Love and Sex of Older Black Women. During the interviews, the participants used words and terms some may not be familiar with or may not know as much as you would like to know about these terms. So, I give you the Word of the Day!

Some terms may be basic, and some more complicated in their definition. Check out previous posts for words I gave earlier. 

Word of the Day: Consent

Many participants discussed how important consent is for all parties involved, regardless of prior intimacy or multiple partners.

Consent is an active agreement to participate in a sexual act. An active agreement is words or actions that indicate a willingness to participate in a sexual act. Consent cannot be given by an individual who is asleep, unconscious, or mentally or physically incapacitated, either through drugs or alcohol, for any other reason, or under duress, threat, coercion, or force. Past consent does not imply future consent. Silence or an absence of resistance does not mean consent, and consent can be withdrawn at any time.  

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