Who is Queen Nzinga

Aba de Sousa Nzinga Mbande was born into the royal family of Ndongo, a state east of Luanda, the capital and largest city in Angola.

As a child, Nzinga was military and politically trained by her father, the King. However, her father died in 1618, leaving her brother as the new ruler. When her brother gave in to the demands of Portugal in slave trading and during the war they were fighting, she had him killed and became Queen Nzinga. Her ruling was during the time of the growth of the African slave trade. She fought for independence for her kingdom and led guerrilla armies as she held off Portugal for forty years.

Known as an intelligent, brave warrior, Queen Nzinga was also known to have had a harem of fifty to sixty men. She forced the men of her harem to dress as women and would make two of them fight to the death. Whoever won would then sleep with her. Unfortunately, the victory was short-lived because she would have the winner killed the following morning. She became known as the Pussy of Death or Death Pussy.

At 75 years old, she disbanded her harem and married the youngest sex slave. Today she is remembered as the Mother of Angola, the protector of her people, and is honored throughout Africa. She was 82 years old when she died.

Erotic Blessings,

Karma Eve

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