Who is Ida Cox?

Known as the Uncrowned Queen of the Blues, this vaudeville blues singer was billed as a high-class entertainer. She was professional, poised, and dressed in the finest gowns.

Her theme of choice was wayward lovers, betrayal, death, and heartbreak, to name a few. In addition, she was known for asserting her rights.

After several tours and many hit records, Ida had a stroke in Buffalo, New York, on April 12, 1945, during a nightclub performance. She then retired and moved back home to Knoxville, Tennessee, with her daughter.

Let us highlight the lyrics of One Hour Mama, a song Ida performed.

I’m a one-hour mama
So, no one-minute papa
Ain’t the kind of man for me
Set your alarm clock, papa
One hour, that’s proper
And love me like I like to be

Another verse she sang was,

I might want love for one hour
Decide to make it two
Takes an hour before I’m started
Maybe three before I’m through

Ida knew what she wanted!

November 6, 1967, Ida died in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Ida Cox One Hour Mama


Karma Eve

Published by: Karma Eve

Karma Eve is an author, writer, a former erotic spoken word artist, and an erotic historian that tells the stories of Black women who have broken barriers and blazed trails for Black women who stand strong in their sexual spaces today.

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